This post is dedicated to Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger.

Elevated conversations… the topic of our last post.  Have a quick read.  Now, here is an inspiring and real story of honor and grace via news from CBC yesterday.  The real story of Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger is moving; on many levels.  First, I invite you to both read the article and experience the video.  And this from the Huffington Post. Then, I invite you to consider, for yourself, what virtues you witnessed and/or experienced in doing so.

Finally, and with elevated and deepened conversations in mind, start a conversation at school, work, family or community on what such virtues, consistently practiced, might do for leadership on campus, in companies, and throughout communities.  Converse on what these same virtues might do for leadership and governance… and how we might foster, encourage and advance same.  It is a practice exercise… but it is also an exercise in exploring the practice of character in a world that needs it.

Have this conversation with students, youth, colleagues, family… wherever.  This is the power of the Character Lens in action.  We need more conversations around character; conversations that will explore how we can live and advance our very best in the world.

This one’s for you Mauril Bélanger.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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