Here’s an interesting read on ways to kill morale… worth the read.  That being said, my greatest mentors in leadership and life over the years have shared one common piece of wisdom.

Focus on the do’s; not the don’ts. 

For every thou shalt not, there is a thou shalt.  Personally and professionally, I have long found that strengths of character serve as powerful, sustaining and sustainable shalts.  In other words, after reading the above noted post, refer to our virtues poster below and consider what strengths of character and culture, when practiced and manifested consistently, would ensure that you avoid the noted shalt nots?

For every prohibition, there is a command of action.  Habits are not simply broken; they are changed.  If we are to avoid:

  • Overworking people. 
  • Holding people back.
  • Playing the blame game.
  • Frequent threats of firing. 
  • Not letting people pursue their passions. 
  • Withholding praise.

… what virtues or strengths of character must we cultivate as part of how we roll?  How would justice, fairness, independence, empathy and optimism play roles in strengthening cultures of high morale at school, work or community?  What about in families?  What virtues might be core to a culture that lifts people, engages them… encourages them?

Then, how would you practice them? What rituals and habits would you build and implement that would move you to higher ground?  In the classroom?  In the boardroom?  The staff room?  At work, school, and community?  Remember that consistent and steadfast action is both born of and reinforces character and culture; but we start by considering the character of the culture that we desire.

The Character Lens is all about examining issues from the baseline of character.  Our actions and behaviours grow from the practice of character.  Indeed, consistently aligned action is born of character.  So considering the character of your culture builds the foundation for capacity, going forward.

More to come…

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

Virtues on Black


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