As I continue my deliberate and discerning road to reclaim optimal health, I am reminded of optimism and its importance in living life.  Beyond my personal journey, we are living in interesting times.  Consider Brazil.  Or India.  Here in North AmericaEurope.  Or globally and the future.  I am not an alarmist; nor a prophet (or profit) of doomsday.  I consider myself a man of optimism.

But optimism is not born of ignorance of challenges.  It is born in the face of challenge.  That being said, there are myriad issues of increasing and varied importance in an ever shrinking world.  It would be easy to feel overwhelmed or convinced of conspiracies and more.

I am not an economist, nor a scientist.  I do not have many of the truly tactical answers for many of the issues facing our world.  Indeed, none of us do… until we work together.  Until, we see the inherent value and need in doing so.  It is the synergy of our talents and perspectives that will move us through these crises.  We are in this together; on one bright blue marble in the cosmos..

But I am a Baha’i.  One of my favorite writings of Baha’u’llah is:

The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds and through commendable and seemly conduct.

This is not a religious statement.  It is a claim that, until we act with character, we will ever be beset by issues of our collective making.  Unity is not uniformity.  It is not kumbaya.  It is not easy, nor should it be.  But it’s best champion is character; the nobility of the human spirit.  Character is the path to great capacity and creativity.  That is our belief and contention.  Indeed, on our website, you will find us saying…

We fiercely and unapologetically believe in the nobility of the human race and help build strong and inspired cultures at school, work, family and community… where everyone counts and contributes. 

I am a student of character and unity.  I hold to this.  We hold to this.  Our work around building strong, united and inspired campuses, companies, communities and commonwealths is not born of naiveté.  It is not born of Panacea or Utopian dreams.  It is born of a belief that when we “get it”, we will achieve sustaining and sustainable prosperity.  Until then, we will all be putting out fires, reacting to crises and running around with counterproductive agendas.

Personally, I believe in my faith.  I believe in the vision of Gene Roddenberry.  I believe that we will succeed… through growth in character and unity.  I hold to this and work towards it.  Character and unity (their exploration and advancement) are my life’s work, with youth and adults alike.  I believe that we can begin to build a better world, locally and globally… in schools, families, companies and communities.  I know that there are those who would disagree.  You do your work, I will do mine.  We will do ours.

And I say that with true respect.  He are humble in our work; but confident in its importance.  That being said, we believe that it starts where we find ourselves.  For us, we are building core and expanded services that advance character and unity for peace, passion and prosperity.  You will find some referenced below.  These are about the kind of character and unity that forges cultures of strength, success and synergy.  That is what we do.

For you… at school, work family or community… how can these strengths of character below advance stronger and healthier cultures where you are now?

Which virtues would most help you and those around you in finding the foundation to capacity and creativity?  Which strengths will help you forge “betterment” at school, family, work and community?  How will you advance them where you are now?

These are the questions and conversations that we will continue to engage right here.  Indeed, starting next week, we will be both focusing and expanding our vehicles for doing same.  This is more than a business for us.  It is how we serve.  Hope you continue to ride with us.

There is more to come…

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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