On Monday, we posted this on Assertiveness on LINKEDIN.  Before that, we shared this post on action over mindset.  With both, the message centered on Assertiveness, the Virtue.BAR

The Virtue, for Me… and Us

As a virtue, Assertiveness is pre-existent, regardless of our practice of it or not.  Indeed, all virtues are the same in this context.  They exist.  We have but to access and practice them.  That is our choice.

For me, personally and professionally, this is a timely discussion and examination.  With Summer Break from College upon me, this is a time of relaxing, reflecting and strategizing in the best and most honest and creative of ways.  With an ongoing road back to health and to teaching business at the College of the North Atlantic again in the Fall… and a time of heightened creativity for Epic Engage™, for me, this is a time to practice Assertiveness.

Assertiveness engages us to speak and share our truth with confidence.  It is “the voice” virtue.  Laying claim to an ever more clear articulation of who we best serve and how we best serve is part of that.  Certainly, for us at Epic Engage™, we do go beyond behaviour to help build character driven, united, and resourceful organizations and communities around the globe.  That is who we are and what we do.

Believing and Doing

We believe that strength of character and unity in diversity lead to both resourcefulness and what we call joyful excellence.  We believe that character is about going deeper than behaviour.  We believe that consistent, cool and constructive behaviour results from character.  We fiercely and unapologetically believe in the nobility of being human and do serve to help build strong and inspired cultures where everyone counts and contributes.  That is who we are.

And we do it through free and accessible front line services.  We do it through affordable and accessible coaching and training online.  We do it through high end, high content programming where we charge our ultimate value.  We strategically and assertively consult and decide on who and how we can best serve; with confidence.  That is ultimate price integrity.  We know our worth and we know our service and passion.  We get to choose.  We know who we are, what we do and what we are worth.  That is Assertiveness; and its power of real choice.

How About You?

How about you?  What do you do best and for whom do you do it… and in what ways and prices and values?  Where and when will you offer what you do for free?  What and where is your paid value?  Assertiveness helps to make these decisions.  It engages you to make decisions on who you best are, what you best do and with and for whom you best do it.  You value your gifts and talents and you demonstrate that in the decisions around who and how you will serve, and when and where.  With Assertiveness, we each get to honor ourselves, our words and works and what we believe to be right.  We expect and give respect. We ride with whom we ride, and know our worth; allowing others the same decision.

The BIG Work

The decision to practice Assertiveness is big.  The work in laying claim to who you are and what you do best is bigger.  But, it demands decision and action.  In both, your best focus is served by Assertiveness.  Your most strategic choices are best served by this Virtue.  Your health, energies and integrity are equally served thusly.  With Assertiveness, you ride your best ride and you ride with those who share in the ride.  You get to choose.  Ask yourself?

  • Who do you best serve?
  • How do you best serve?
  • At what prices and values will you best serve?

Be Your Own BOSS

This year, we have been accessing, reading and studying on the subject of price integrity; a place calling for Assertiveness for many.  There are certainly a number of perspectives out there.  In our participation in the BOSS Program with Hugh Culver, we found an approach that fit within our understanding of Assertiveness.  We opted for three “tiers” of real value and price, if you will.

  • FREEPIC Forum™.  Our FREE Buffet of Services, for all.
  • lightHOUSE™.  Our Online Coaching and Training, for many.
  • EPIC Stand and Deliver™.  Our Live Training and Development. for select.

This allows us to serve those we choose to serve, as best we can… with a structure that has integrity and alignment…. the free, the accessible and the live work.

As for Us

We are Epic Engage™. We go beyond behaviour to help build character driven, united, and resourceful organizations and communities around the globe.  We work with any and all colleagues, constituents and clients who see authentic and personal value in same and delivering service on many levels to many seeking robust and healthy cultures of character, strength and unity.  We ride with those who share in same. We will make our services accessible and affordable for all to engage, while also offering high value for worthy price.  We know who we are.  We know what we do.  We know for whom we do it best.  AND, we know our worth.

How about you?  Spend time reflecting on the questions and the answers so that you might, with Assertiveness, state and lay claim to your ways and worth.  That is personal power.  When we know who we are and who and how we best serve, we can serve with joyful excellence.  Go there, be and do that.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


Our work is all about character. We go beyond behaviour to help build character driven, united, and resourceful organizations and communities around the globe.  As part of that work, we offer you …

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