Last week, I wrote on Every Day is Judgement Day. And on LinkedIn, I wrote this past couple of weeks on The All-In Virtue and My Own Opus.  Here is what is occurring to me this day, this second day into April.

  • Every moment is a moment of judgement; a time of discernment and decision.  It is not unlike walking an unknown trail and being conscious of every step, trusting in our Discernment and Decisiveness.  

On one level, this is not rocket science nor earth shaking but I think we often take that process for granted, and it almost becomes unconscious… not unlike driving the same road every day and taking that trip for granted.  On another level, it requires the practice of deliberate Consideration.

  • What if we considered that our life is an unknown road, because it is?
  • What if we realized that we have not travelled this road before, because we haven’t?
  • What if we took our steps more consciously?
  • What would that look like?

As I walk towards my 9 milestones for my 60th birthday February 20, 2020, I think this is an important recognition.  I have never walked towards my 60th in my 59th before.  I certainly have not established 9 milestone goals before.  Each moment is a judgement call; a discerning decision to place my foot on the next part of the path.  Each decision matters.  Each can take me closer to or further from my intended destination.  Each decision can keep me focused or distract me.  Each decision can shorten or lengthen the time in reaching for intention.

How does this fit for you?  What would this look like?

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy