Last week, I wrote on Pulling Back the Bow.  In it, I wrote that:

  • Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and his thoughts on resistance come to mind.  The closer we get to moving, the greater the resistance, not unlike a bow.  I am there.  And now I need most to pull back on that bow of health.  It will support all of the others.”

This week, I wrote on Facebook…

  • As I collapse on the bed… getting through a second very busy day while living with these lungs right now… a totally unrelated but somehow related thought occurs to me on judgement … of all things.  There are two ways to think of judgement.  The first is about making good and sound decisions for our own lives.  The second is about looking at other people’s lives, thinking we somehow know them or know better, and judging them on their actions.  The former is wisdom.  The latter is ignorance by it’s true definition.  Live the former.  Let go the latter.  As I crash here, I realize no one knows my life and I know no one else’s. My responsibility is to live as best I can … and not judging others. My responsibility is executed by practicing sound judgement in my own decisions.  No idea why that popped into my head and heart but I am glad it did.

Judgement is making sound decisions, and I am making them.  As leaders, educators, entrepreneurs and livers of life… as students, mentors and more… good and sound daily judgement matters.  That requires wisdom and even sacrifice.

Practice that kind of judgement.  I am.  It is mine all mine.  🙂

Make every day, Judgement Day.

Seems like a Van Hagar kind of day, lol.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy