A Discerning Mind

Last week, I posted on Discernment and Decision Daily.  Just this morning, I posted on LinkedIn on Trust, Trustworthiness and Discernment.  Indeed, I have been discerning even more so of late…

All of this is to say that the practice of Discernment is not an event. It is organic and dynamic, It is best practiced as we go.  It is not about having to be “serious” all the time but it is about being “aware”.  Every creature in nature practices it in order to live, survive and thrive.  It is the practice of Consideration and Mindfulness in active execution.  It is thinking about what we are witnessing and experiencing.  We need it ever more so in these times.  I need it ever more so, in meandering mindfully through my persistent road to better health and strength.  I need it to be aware of my successes and lack thereof along the way.  I need it to determine what I am doing right and what I need to adjust or correct as I go.  For any worthy goal, Discernment helps us navigate by watching what is happening and helping us correct course where necessary.  Without Discernment, we bob and buoy on the ocean of life and work, never aware of what we need to do more of and differently.  I recently saw a post that essentially said that April Fool’s Day seems to be the only day of the year that we actively question what is on the net, and out in social media.  Discernment would change that.

We need Discernment in our job hunts, career paths… at school, work, business and community … as educators, students, leaders and entrepreneurs… as parents, friends and colleagues.  Discernment sharpens the blade on Wisdom… a most valuable commodity for our health and well being.

For your own Discernment, here are 12 perspectives around “Easter eggs” of ideas.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy


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