Earlier this week, we shared this post on The Sure Step of Accountability on LinkedIn.  Tuesday evening, we shared this Mobile Eyes Facebook Live video on Anger is an Energy.  We invite you to consider them in tandem.  Then, we invite you to explore your own irritations, frustrations and anger to discern:

  • their surface source… what actual incidents have caused you such feelings?
  • their deeper source… in other words, what virtues lines in the sand do these incidents transgress?
  • the constructive actions to address the sources

Taking responsibility for our choices, with the humility to face our mistakes and the willingness to make amends… that is Accountability. Being a lifelong learner, proactively and reactively… weighing positive and negative outcomes; that is Accountability. It is about living up to our own sense of humanity.

For example, knowing that a certain driving habit annoys us is one thing.  Knowing what strengths of character (virtues) that behaviour crosses the line on gives us a better sense of our core.  We call them your Guardian Virtues™.  They are the sentinels that sound the alarm when you perceive an injustice.  Maybe tailgating crosses the line on Caring and Responsibility for you.  Knowing this can help direct us to actions that are more constructive in the long term.  We call these the Hunter Virtues™… those that they help remedy our reactions or the situation itself.  Maybe we call upon Patience or even greater Vigilance for ourselves.  These are but suggestions as examples; but identifying our Guardian Virtues™ (our lines in the sand) and our Hunter Virtues™ (those called upon to address or redress) are powerful and sustaining tasks in light of anger, frustration and more.

Ultimately, it is about being accountable to ourselves; to take best care of ourselves.  That being said and given that this is Mental Health Week, we also invite you to watch the movie Inside Out.  It is something to both enjoy and munch on.  All of our emotions matter; as does how we process and act upon them.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

Barry is ultimately a vocalist, strength coach and educator. His work is about exploring, identifying, practicing and mastering our strengths and building upon them through practical and powerful unity and resourcefulness. That is why Barry is The Unity Guy™. EPIC Engage™ is an extension of The Unity Guy™. The Epic work is all about building strong, united and inspired cultures lead by character… at school, work, business and community; where everyone matters and contributes everyday.


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