This is the new Chamber Minutes™; a monthly blog post in service to the Mount Pearl Paradise Chamber of Commerce and its membership, through its Board and newsletter.  Here, monthly, we will logotake a few minutes to consider a thought that might help build greater strength, unity and resourcefulness in the face of challenges and opportunities alike.  As a proud and fairly new member of the Chamber, Epic Engage™, is all about strength, unity and resourcefulness and how to get there.  We look forward to exploring same, in service to you… our fellow members.

But First

Here is the very first “issue” posted back on May 30, 2016, introducing the Chamber itself and its services.  We recommend it as a good read for members and those interested alike.

This Month

As you may have already noticed in the Chamber newsletter itself, things are happening in our business community… the Mount Pearl Litter Initiative, Facebook Hosting of a Free Event on August 12th, and Chamber Golf Registration.  It is a cool and busy month indeed.

That being said, for here and for this month, we thought to explore strength, unity, resourcefulness and resilience by briefly examining one role character plays in their development.  Yes, character.  At Epic Engage™, we contend that “In times of prosperity and adversity alike, strength of character and unity lead to resourcefulness and what we call joyful excellence.”  Character is about going deeper than behaviour.  Consistent and constructive behaviour results from character.  It gets things right; and done.  It is our best branding.  When we clearly identify, lay claim to and live the character of our work and service, our clients and all constituents come to see us as consistent and trustworthy… and loyalty is seeded, beyond points cards.

Our Best Advantage

Joe Calloway writes and speaks to the idea that consistency of excellence in our experience with our customers is our best competitive advantage.  We wholeheartedly concur.  When our customers, colleagues and all who do business with us know what to expect in terms of excellence, we build a reputation unlike any other.  We become known for what we do and how well we do it.  We become known for the experience and state of being that is that experience.

Ultimately, people buy states of being.  Whatever is sold or delivered essentially delivers on a state of being.  In marketing, we call it the core product.  We are buying a feeling that comes from the purchase.  Character is the most foundational source for defining states of being.  When we clearly know that which we are delivering, we can more powerfully and consistently deliver on it, internally and externally.

Practice Makes Progress

So, with that in mind, we invite you to engage this short video and the exercise it entails… for this month.  Then, consider this poster of 101 strengths or states of being.  If you wish one sent to you, contact us directly.101 on Black

Identify three character strengths you wish, desire and intend your work and service to be about.  Get clear on these three strengths as states of being.  Make sure they are what you most want your customers, clients, colleagues and all constituents to experience; for this is your best and deepest branding.  Choose three to focus on.  Focus is important.

“So long as the thoughts of an individual are scattered he will achieve no results, but if his thinking be concentrated on a single point wonderful will be the fruits thereof.”

Then, get clear on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly practices that will manifest and drive home these strengths for all who engage you.  Doing so will provide you with a powerful litmus test for future decisions; measuring them against this core experience you have intended.  It will also effectively assist you with recruitment, selection, training and development… making sure that you find, keep and develop a team that consistently delivers on the experience.

The Bottom Line

Character is not fluff.  It is strength.  It is strength of service and excellence.  We suggest that you get clear on what your team, branch, division, company or organization want to deliver on, at core.  What is the tangible, palpable state of being for which you want to be absolutely and consistently known?  Identify it, claim it, live it and watch the results in traction and loyalty.

Until next month…

Peace, passion and prosperity.Educator

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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