The lean business model is all about simplicity and focus; and Cleanliness is the virtue.  Earlier this week, we shared on Clean Leadership… taking the first steps to examine this often misunderstood virtue or strength of character.

In it, we suggested:

Simplicity and the lean business model are its results.

It demands of us the time and energy and priority to inventory all that is occupying our school, work and community life.  It is about examining the BIG ROCKS as Stephen Covey referenced.  So, the simple question around getting clean and lean is:

What are your big rocks?

Now, I personally invite you to watch this video on A Clean Thought.  Then, schedule in some dedicated and devoted time to make a list of all the rocks in your life, big and small.  Be thorough.  I mean thorough; diligently so.  Leave no stone unturned.  Once you have done so, create four columns:


These are the boulders. This column is for those rocks in your life that you deeply and passionately have affinity and need for in living a fulfilling life, on your terms.


These are the stones.  This column is for those rocks that may not be associated with passion, but they are needed… to live, period.


These are the pebbles.  This column is dedicated to those rocks in your life that are wish list and desirable but not cravings or truly needed.  They are more born of a sense of obligation. if anything.


This column is for the sand in Dr. Covey’s metaphor.  These are the things that ultimately hold no great importance… but if you have time, yeah you would do them.  They are the noise and distractions.

Go through your list and mark a red mark in the appropriate column for each item… based on your ideal life.  THEN, go through the list again, and mark in black mark what is your reality, at this time.  Now, you have something truly to reconcile.

  • What sand is now big rock for you?
  • What big rocks need to be more like sand?

The goal is to get clear and clean up the alignment of your life.  Maybe some sand needs to become rock.  Maybe some rock needs to be sand.  Either way, in doing so, you are practicing Cleanliness. You are refreshing and cleaning your life.  You are demonstrating respect and honor.  You are understanding garbage in, garbage out even more powerfully.  You are cleansing yourself of habits that no longer serve you, or maybe never did.

To get lean, we need to clean.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

Barry is ultimately a vocalist, strength coach and educator. His work is about exploring, identifying, practicing and mastering our strengths and building upon them through practical and powerful unity and resourcefulness. That is why Barry is The Unity Guy™. EPIC Engage™ is an extension of The Unity Guy™. The Epic work is all about building strong, united and inspired cultures lead by character… at school, work, business and community; where everyone matters and contributes everyday.


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