Seth Godin has something to say about bigger and better; a quick and thought provoking read.  Indeed, the theme of his message speaks loudly to what is already becoming more clear to me with a new 60 Day Challenge I commenced as of yesterday… with 5 videos already in play… and to our recent thoughts on Assertiveness.

Entering Dominion and Independence Days

July 1 is Canada Day, otherwise known as Dominion Day.  July 4 is Independence Day in the USA.  With Strengththese celebrations of identity and the blogs and videos above in mind, I offer you some questions around your own identity as an individual or organization.

  • Is bigger your better?
  • Is smaller your caller?
  • Who do you best serve and how do you best serve them?
  • Where and when and for how much will you serve them?

Establish and advance your own dominion and independence in terms of how you best serve.  There, you will find your strength.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


Here are two successful organizations that have answered their own questions well, knowing who they are and who they best serve.  We salute:


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