Here is an interesting read on education.

I invite you to have that read.  It examines some thoughts around factors for success in our students … factors that focus on supports and relationships.  In many ways, for me, it speaks to defining the character of our education.  What factors can realize the greatest potential?  After all, education is not simply a dumping of data… it is a realizing of potential; when best empowered and practiced.  So…

  • What virtues make for a powerful, effective and responsive education system?
  • What are the foundational strengths of great education?
  • What are its highest qualities?

Is it enthusiasm and zeal?   Responsibility and accountability?  Excellence and idealism?  Strength and confidence?  Combinations of same or others?  What are the foundation blocks of education that inspires, engages and fosters excellence?

Our work, and that of The Virtues Project™, focuses on character as the basis for leadership, education and development.  Indeed, we are inspired by this body of work and its relevance in education, at work, in prisons and throughout  communities around the globe.  Next week, we launch into a longer term process of exploring individual virtues or strengths of character as they might apply at school, work or community.  We will be looking at moving from behaviour to character, because all consistent behaviour is born of strengthened character.  Character is the root of consistent behaviour, not unlike the root of a tree and its relationship to the strength of its branches.  So, we will be examining same.

In the meantime, I offer you this recent post on the Purpose of Education and I invite you to put on your Character Lens and ask yourself what qualities make for a great and effective education system?  What are its strongest roots, in support of great and inspired learning?

Taking care of the roots builds a healthier and stronger tree.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


With this in mind, we offer The Miracle Worker, as an example of great education and in tribute to the late great Patti Duke.


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