The Humanity and Nobility of Leadership

An interesting read is all I will say, first off.  Have a read and a reflection; a good reflection.  Considering the humanities as a strategic source for organizational leadership… IMHO, indeed… it is time, again.

I say again, in part, because of our collective body of work over 30 years in leadership development…. and also our work with The Virtues Project™.  BUT, also because I offer and suggest that business and leadership is in need of a return to the humanities, and humanity.  Nobility is the recognition of the value of humanity… at school, work, and community.

Great strategy, contribution and success demand it.  The world needs it, again.

As part of multiple streams of study and discussion over the coming months, we will continue to explore character and leadership as a study of humanity and the humanities in the workplace.  We will examine, character as part of that study of humanity and  the humanities… on the ground.  Developing a more deepened understanding of same better prepares us for a world that is truly “out of the box”, where wisdom is needed and wins.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


Be a simple man or woman, noble and understanding of the humanities, humanity and their relevance….


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