Yesterday I posted on Facebook…

  • “Why Mr. Anderson do you persist?”
  • “Because I choose to…”
    • from The Matrix: Revolutions

5 years ago August 20, 2015, I experienced my stroke. In those following days laying in the CT SCANS and MRIs, I had the thought, “What if I have only 90 days?”

I did not know what was going on inside my head and physical tests were showing no real answers as to why. But each time I lay in those scans and asked that question …. the same answers… all about the kind of meaning I deeply wanted.

Deal breakers.

Since that time, I have realized some of that meaning. But I have slid that slippery slope of assumption too… assumption that I will get around to it. Today, I was reminded.

Broken deal.

My spirit nudged me with a loving sledgehammer. I am done with arbitrary definitions of “success” and the subtle and not so subtle messages out there of same. Success systems and hustle mean nothing to me. Nothing. My work is born of a love for the work. Service. Educator. Entrepreneur. Yes, for life. But with meaning over metrics… with purpose over positioning. With soul over systems.

I have heard of people I deeply respect making significant changes of late, and I am there. You inspire me. I am so there. ❤

New habits. Earlier to bed. Earlier to rise. Living cleaner.

Healthier. Simpler. Less to do, more to do in the less.

Simplicity. Focus. Detachment. Decisiveness.

I ain’t playing the arbitrary game. I ain’t doing what I “should”. I am doing what soulfully calls. I have long felt like an outlier, a man without a country and free agent. No children, nor parents… and a “weirdness” since a kid…

In some ways I have never fought it. In other ways, I have. No more.

I know my work. I know my joy. I know my Soul. And I know my mind, body and spirit are wanting to listen to it.

All of this is to say I am giving up. I am giving up any arbitrary labels. I am giving up industry norms and guidance around revenue streams and models. I never liked any of it anyway.

Conforming. Boring.

My work is a spiritual enterprise. ❤ My value will be forged by what I do and how well I do it. I will not chase the shiny bobbles. I will chase life work, soul work… loving what I do and doing what I love. ❤

I will understand that my mind, body, spirit and Soul only want what impact I can have in this world with what matters most.Humanity over inhumanity. Optimism over positivity. Dance. Song. Creating. Serving.

Why am I saying all of this?

My mind and body today were squirming. Remembering the stroke and the learnings back then. Remembering answers of… Simplicity. Joyfulness. Purposefulness. They are resounding.

This week, I have two wonderful sessions that fit said bill. Indeed, much of my life is already in alignment with such. Now, more so.

Fierce and fun.

No more icky.

Life is too short and important.

I am reminded.

Fewer projects. More love for the ones I keep. Success not defined by anything other than simple, joyful purpose. Impact. Impact with one person. Or thousands. It matters not. Impact matters.

The Endgame, my endgame is simple. This life is mine, outlier with a love for humanity.

Alignment is healthy. Find it. ❤

The rest is about keeping your promise to yourself in living it.

My mind, body and spirit shook me today and reminded me.

That stream of thought continues today and so does a healthy sense of freakin’ alignment. My point with this blog? Our Soul knows best. Listen…. and be your own best friend.

I chose to…

… with assured step.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green

aka The Unity Guy



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