Last week, I wrote on KEEP WALKING.  I was first tempted to call this blog KEEP ON, KEEPING ON.  In fact, I will … and have.

I am making progress on my waistline; one inch down… and feeling good.  Now, I keep moving.  I keep going.  Steadfastness is a virtue.  I call it Determination on steroids.  You cannot stop Steadfast.  Combine that with Flexibility and you have the power of water.  Try stopping it.  If you dam it up, it will seep into the land or evaporate and still finds its way back to the ocean.  No wonder that Bruce Lee suggested that we be like water.

In conversation yesterday with a soon-to-be new contributor to our broadCAST Team, Kathy Noseworthy, we were talking about her interest in, and passion for, active living.  She suggested that it is important to find the types of activities you enjoy.  I believe I first heard Covert Bailey in the 90s reference same.  Personality, temperament, and character must be accounted for in choosing activities for active living.

Please do not suggest I sit on a stationary bike or walk a treadmill.  For my temperament…. booooring.  I need variety and change, regularly so.  My home based gym is set up for such.  So is Salsa dancing.  Salsa will be a primary thrust for this Summer as I loooove it, and have time to do it.  My intent is to get back into a lifestyle of dance; the more varied the better.  Plus there is choosing different weekly hikes.  Variety.  Change. Diversity.  For me, it is vital.

It would be best for me to keep it simple and flexible, deciding that I will be active 1-2 hours a day, whatever that activity… and deciding I will eat healthy but have a variety of simple and easy solutions in the house, from which to choose.

Consider your temperament.  What types of physical activity best fits.  Team sports?  Gym work? Hiking?  Dancing?  Running?  Swimming?  Else?  As has been noted to me, the best exercise you can do is the one you truly enjoy.  I am sure this can also be said for food preferences.  I am in the process, with a gypsy summer ahead, to find my best and most fun practices for eating and exercise.  I am going to go back to the SLOWER model (see the free eBook here) and determine and design my best patterns for:


I am going to determine and design what best and naturally works for my temperament which is Dreamer-Connector-Mover-Thinker-Builder in that order.  Dreamers are driven by vision.  Connectors are driven by feeling.  Movers are driven by action.  Thinkers are driven by logic. Builders are driven by structure.  We have all five in us, but our ingredients of each differ in combination.  For the Dreamer-Connector-Mover-Thinker-Builder in me, I know what will honor my spirit for eating and exercise… with a sense of daily vision, allowing myself to experience joy, and acting on it.  I less need science or structure.  Simple and active will drive my gypsy summer.

How about you?

Time to keep on, keeping on.

Barry Lewis Green, aka