In our last post, From Jenny, with Love, we commenced a journey; a new chapter with Benny and Jarry (aka Barry and Jenny lol).

Going forward, we will write on character, love, unity and excellence as it relates to living and working and serving and playing our lives away; whether as educators, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders or anyone looking to get more out of life by giving more to the lives of themselves and others.

Each week, we will offer up thoughts on the journey of Love and Character.  We suggest that Character + Love = Unity = Excellence.  We contend that Love and Character combine to produce palpable, powerful, practical Unity at school, work, business and community… that advances Excellence.

And we share thoughts here.

JENNY says

As I sit here tonight, with my freshly washed face and hair in a ponytail, I reflect on this beautiful, life changing week. My heart is happy. Although it has been for a couple years now. That being said, it has been a journey. A journey of awareness, of self-acceptance, of hardcore, no pussy footin’ around kind of honesty with myself and others. It has been joyous, and raw and real. And I continue to see the world through different lenses… the more I love myself, the more I am loving everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I want to lay a smackdown on some people, but guess what??? This new and improved Jenny 2.0 has patience and awareness that I never thought I would be armed with. I am unstoppable.

Ok, let’s get down to the nitty gritty here.

I WAS NOT always this way, believe me. I never knew what it was to love me completely. Until these past few years. It took a swift kick in the ass for me to see who I am and all I have to offer. I guess what I am getting at is that I would ideally love to say that it only takes a few easy steps, but no I am not going to pussy foot around with you either. It is tough.

It is tough.  Your self-doubt and self-loathing will test you. Will scream loudly the moment you begin to think “Hell ya, I am worth it.” It may even kick you down and throw dirt in your face time and time again. But that is just a small little piece of what will make you the kick-ass warrior that you will become.

I have no doubt that if I can achieve this love within myself, anyone can. I want to share my journey with you, I want you to share yours with me. I want you to know how damn important that you are in this world. That YOU are worth all of your own love.

We give so freely to others. And it is a beautiful thing. Don’t ever water that part of yourself down. But start loving yourself the same way. Be empathetic towards your life experiences. Don’t judge yourself in such a harsh way. Be gentle with your heart. You are so precious.

And I hope that this blog that I am just starting helps guide you to that place somehow. This is a journey, for not only me, but for all you beautiful souls reading this. This may not flow, each week I might have a different topic. But there will always be a taste of self-love, appreciation for yourself and others, notes on how to work on becoming more in tune with all your loving qualities, and just random messages on love in general.

What we so desperately need in the world.

So, join me on this journey of falling in love with everything life has to offer, including ourselves <3

Jenny Dearing speaks to love in action.  She brings talent, experience and learning around love, trauma and care.  With a passion for Child and Youth Care and Addictions, and a background in same, she connects, and memorably so.  Her work spans children and youth care with addictions, personal and senior care, respite work, and business leadership; delivering on all.  Jenny is a Certified Virtues Project™ Facilitator, with professional training in child and youth care with addictions support and home support services.  With certification in ASIST Suicide First Aid, Autism Awareness and Understanding, Trauma Information Care and Child and Youth Care Practice, Jenny brings it, with zeal. On top of all that, she loves singing, and is an accomplished multi-media artist … and brings both to her work.  Artistry is a path to love and healing.  Jenny knows it.  She believes in it.  She drives it.

Barry says

I love the message Jenny brings.  I love the fact that we are writing together going forward.  I love who Jenny is and for what she stands.  I love our incredible friendship and the work and play and life that unfolds from it.  Indeed, I love my life.  I get to teach business at the college level. I get to do this beautiful work with Epic Engage™.  I get to speak, teach, facilitate, coach, consult, create, sing, dance, write, blog, vlog and more… and with Jenny.  I love it, all.  I love my #bestlittledogintheworld Panda, and my modest beautiful little home I call The Greens.  I love my life.

We just completed an incredible retreat centering on the work of The Virtues Project™… exploring the 5 Strategies for building lives and cultures of character (I will share more as the weeks and months go by).   I often suggest that Love is a virtue.  It is an emotion.  And it is action.  I suggest that L.O.V.E. is about the practice of character.  LOOK inside yourself for your strengths of character.  Identify them.  Name them, Claim them.  Then, seek out OPPORTUNITIES where they are most needed.  Discover what work, jobs, careers and vocations require them.  Discover what services and hobbies demand them.  Yes, identify your strengths of character and to where they are most called.  Then, have a VISION in your head and heart as to how the world, or your corner of it, will be better when you do apply your strengths to those opportunities.  Then, simply ENGAGE.  Do it.  That is how we L.O.V.E. our work.  That is how we L.O.V.E. our service, and play and school and community and life.  We look inside for our strengths of character, seek out opportunities where they are needed most, have a vision of their impact, and engage.  Indeed, that is the Epic Engage™.

I have been in this work of leadership training and development for 39 years.  I have earned my stripes the great, good, bad and ugly ways.  I have L.O.V.E.d every minute of it.  The errors have been teachers, getting me to consider what strengths of character I better needed to practice.  The successes have been teachers in celebrating those I have practiced.  Character has its teachable moments and L.O.V.E. requires character.

In times of trial, I have asked myself what strength of character were either missing or not being practiced, with the notion of putting them into practice.  In times of triumph, I have asked myself what strengths of character were present in order to replicate, going forward.

Character is the soil from which the tree of behaviour grows.  Pay attention to the soil and the tree will take care of itself.  Ask yourself, in any given situation, what virtues were present or what were not.  Ask yourself what do you need to continue practicing or start to practice.  Character is about practice.  Practice makes permanent.  Challenges teach us when we practice character.  Successes celebrate our best selves when we practice character.

My life has not been easy.  Very few of us can say life ever truly is.  Life has its challenges.  It also has its growth, resulting from same.  It has joy and love and so much more.  It certainly has for me.  Going forward, I will be sharing examples of L.O.V.E. in action.  I will be writing, with Jenny, on love and character and their twin powers to advance real, raw and results driven living.  This will be a sincere and simple exploration of the role character plays in our lives.  I am excited to explore.  Hope you are!

Barry Lewis Green moves the needle on character leadership and unity building with joyful ferocity and thoughtful zeal.  Barry helps leaders forge strong, united cultures at school, work, business and community.  Joe Calloway says, “I had the distinct pleasure of being in an audience in Montreal with Barry Lewis Green on the stage. Quite simply, Barry absolutely captivated us with his talent, his message, and his heart.  The feeling of unity that Barry created in the room that day was extraordinary.”  With 39 years in education and leadership training and development … and work in the private, public and community sectors across Canada… and as a speaker, educator, master facilitator, coach, writer, singer, dancer, and cartoonist, Barry stokes the fire on together strong.

Peace, passion, prosperity, and a whole bunch of Love

Benny and Jarry

Peace, passion and prosperity…


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