Simply put, we continue on LOVE. This is that month, and we choose to explore this little and big thing called Love.

Jenny says…

In last week’s post and in The broadCAST, I recently wrote…

Hello my beautiful people!!! Long time no chat. I want to pop into your world to speak on something that I so passionately believe in. That I so passionately have yearned and ached for. 

Love… What can I say about love? This month we are talking a little more about how love makes us feel, how love makes us explore certain parts of us that we don’t normally tend to nurture or appreciate the way we do when experiencing said love.

My heart is so all consumed with love, that this piece seems to speak louder and clearer than it has in the past. That being said, I have loved. I have loved beyond the shadow of a doubt. My son being the biggest love I have ever known.

But in the more recent years I have felt love like I never knew possible. I have experienced love that I have ached and yearned for. And as you all know, I have not always been in a place to receive it, but I have always been in a place to naturally give it. It is what I am meant to do. It is the biggest piece of me as a whole. I love, and I love hard. But I have come to realize that without being in a healthy place ourselves, we cannot fully receive what we are meant to receive. This is where my life story and all that I have journeyed through comes in to play so intensely. I have ventured to a place of acceptance of love and self-love like I have never received in my life up until now. Here begins my story into love and the all-powerful acceptance and realization that it is.  

These past 6 months have been a learning curve in my life. It has been one of failure and success. But mainly success. I have been in a place of knowing who I am, loving who I am, and allowing others to love me as much as I deserve to be loved. It has been intense, sad, humorous, appreciative, random and in the end, it has been all of the things I have so longed and ached for. It has been all answered prayers, it has been all the wishes that I made, with all the pennies in the wishing well repaid, it has been everything returned to me in whole, if not more. It is life and all that life is about. So, that being said, there is a fear within us that we allow to consume us, allow to make us feel defeated. It has been the power that has overcome and crippled us in the unknown. The realm of uncertainty. It has brought us to our knees and made us feel powerless. What we have failed to understand is that, when the time is right, we see all the beauty that is before us. We accept and honor it in ways when we are mentally capable of just that.  

I am assuming we all know of the person that loves with no bounds, and never gets it return? Well, let me tell you. That was me. To no fault. I loved (or at least I thought I knew what love was). I never received it back to the level I was giving it. I actually got treatment that I would wish on no one. But that was the problem at hand. I NEVER loved me. I NEVER seen what I was worth or what I deserved to have. Until the more recent years. Now I see. Now I know what love is at its highest form. As a mother, a friend, and a partner. I will tell you my little secret as to how and why I learnt how to allow and accept this undeniable love into my life. Maybe then you can start to allow it into yours in ways that you have not yet experienced. I hope that somehow you can respect and love yourself enough so that anyone that enters your life, or your circle can see what you are worth and the standards that you have set in place in your own desires. For who you are and what you want is not something you should shift and alter based on someone else’s wants or needs. It is about you my lovely’s. ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!!!  

Today, I offer…

This is the start of what it is to feel love like you have yet to feel. This is what it is to experience all that life and love has to offer. I could not disagree more with someone completing you. I have said it often these past few years, on how love is within us. It is not something that is handed over. It is built up internally. We either have it or we don’t. Some of us are born with it. Some of us work our entire lives to achieve this level of love with ourselves and others. It is a natural thing to beat ourselves up over what we believe that we truly deserve. It is okay for us to be humble and kind. As Tim McGraw once said “When those dreams you’re dreamin’ come to you, When the work you put in is realized, let yourself feel the pride but always stay humble and kind”.

Stay with me. Until next week…

Barry says…

Love and purpose.

They are connected.

Of late I have been writing on both in The broadCAST and in Deeper, on Purpose … and Your Purpose, Your Story.

Purposefulness is meaning, and love in action.

Last week, I wrote on a love and respect for ourselves. This week, I suggest another love, for the world.

I contend that, as we see purpose, we better understand love.

And sometimes, it is about connecting the dots.

All I have to say for now, but in those links and posts there are some things of value to ponder, I suggest.

In the meantime, I wholeheartedly wish you a wonderful Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

However you honor it.

Peace, passion, prosperity, and a whole bunch of Love and Character

Benny and Jarry

Peace, passion and prosperity…


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