Last post, I wrote of beyond engaged.  And now, it is resulting is this detailed and aligned Summer Plan 2019.  The plan includes the following to be experienced by September 3, 2019.:

  • 38” Waist, Lean and Strong
    • MBa – Character Leadership and Unity Building
    • Mandarin Intensive
    • French Intensive
    • Ruhi Intensive
    • CNA Plan
    • MUN Plan
    • W.E.A.L.T.H. Plan
  • Epic Engage™, September 1 Renewed Launch
    • Bplan: Website, Materials and All Functions and Services
    • VPIA
    • ViP Enterprise, 5th Strategy and Epic Design
    • #hUmaNITY™ and blackwing™
    • Online and Social Media Presence
      • LI: TUG/EE/Groups/Blogs/Video/SSI
      • FB: TUG/EE, #hUmaNITY, ROCKfox, BBB, Groups, Video
      • Instagram, Twitter, You Tube
      • Barry’s Blog
    • Speakernet
      • Deliver™
      • Thinking CAPS™
      • Speakeasies™ PODcast
      • Partnering on Epic Stories

It is my growthery list for Summer 2019?  What is yours?

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy