Last week I wrote on my best contract.  It grounded me.  I might suggest a read of it as it speaks to purpose and meaning and more.  I am continuing to read it.

Last Friday, I had an incredible session with entrepreneurs around getting clear on message and meaning.  That session further grounded me in my own sense of purpose.

Then this week, I engaged a big bad bug.  It grounded me too, but in a very different kind of way.  The down time allowed me to ponder what Linda Kavelin-Popov has coined as a pace of grace.  First, I recommend you check out her writing.  I love her work.

But back to the point.  A pace of grace, to my understanding, is not about walking around in some quiet and meditative state at all times.  As Dan Popov once said to me essentially… water has grace in all its forms… as a drop, a trickle, a stream, a river, rapids, water falls and more.  It is being what it is when it is.  Bruce Lee spoke to the capacity of water too.

For me, this week, I am pondering purpose and grace.  What does it mean to know both?  Every creature in nature inherently understands same.  Our minds are wondrous tools but can stand in the way of us “knowing” purpose and grace.  This week, I constructively challenge you to reflect on purpose and grace… and find your pace.

I am.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy