In Step Back and Forward, I wrote… ” For me, it is time to take something of a spiritual step back, on the eve of 70 days of taking a physical step back under self isolation. For me, it is time to step back, to step forward. It is time.”

In and amongst that time, I have been walking and reflecting, a lot… some 45,000 steps in the past three days alone. I have written on Wonder, and shared my thoughts on the release of Shinedown’s Atlas Falls. You should have a listen to that song… I looove it.

Yesterday, in finishing off 16,000+ steps, amidst my music and prayers and more, I had a thought come on some things key for my work and life going forward… some pillars, if you will. It came almost in a flash and with a bit of an acronym of course, lol. This brain seems subject to same. 🙂

Enter R4/D2.

Real. Raw. Right. Results. Dominion. Daring.


Integrity. Authentic. Genuine. For me, and for a long time, but ever more so going forward… no pretenses, posing or posturing. A mentor once told me that the difference in POSE and POISE is the “I”. We must be ourselves, real. Candor enacted.

This does not imply abandoning Tact

… but Tact is offering Truthfulness with Kindness. Enter Candor. Real, it is. Candor builds Trustworthiness as people start to get that there are no back doors. Neither does this imply gushing all to all. It implies being direct and real. Pillar One to my life and work.


I believe in Professional, but I do not believe that that must imply some “smarmy” sense of polish. Raw is not about unprofessional for professional is about content; expertise. As Kim Mitchell once sung, “I know there’s a lot of feathers but not much chicken”. I have no interest in the “smooth” and “rehearsed”… or the name dropping and photo opps Raw is the way I like my carrots, and it is the way I like my work and life. Professional is about Excellence of content and intent. Raw allows (and I believe encourages) same in so much as it is not worried so much on “making a mistake” as it is on delivering the real goods. Pillar Two.


Consider Righteousness.

It is not the same as self righteousness. The former is about doing what is right (over what you feel like doing). The latter is about telling everyone else how to live. For me, the right thing is vital. Character matters, always.

In good, bad and ugly times, it matters. It is Strength. It is not about being Perfect as a noun, for that is myth. It is about Perfect as a verb which is all about getting better. Doing the right thing advances that. Trying matters. “Is this the right thing?” will be my question, moving forward. Pillar Three.


Purposefulness matters.

Purposefulness is less about drive and hustle as it is about intention and flow. I have long believed that Purposefulness is Joyfulness. It brings meaning. For me, arbitrary results are not the thing. Intent is more important than outcome … as outcome is, in many ways, out of our hands.

What is important is that we have ends in mind. Going through the motions is not of interest to me. Life is too precious. This does not imply being busy for busy sake, but this morning I posted on Facebook that “a life filled is not necessarily the same as a life fulfilled”.

For me, Results is about intent and focus and moving towards. The things I choose to do, going forward, will be grounded in same and such. “Does this move me, my work and life forward… does it give me a Hell Yeah?” is my question to self. Pillar Four.


Consider Dominion.

Dominion is the virtue of Ownership, and all that we truly own is our life. We take Responsibility for it. It is not about arrogance or dominance of others. It is about owning your life.

On this my 75th day of self isolation, I am owning my Responsibility to myself and others. Amidst this First Wave, and understanding the essential mechanics of pandemic waves, I will continue to physical distance, wash hands, cover face and more. I see it not as a constraint on my freedom, as my spirit is always free… and doing service to myself and others is a way to express that freedom of spirit.

Dominion means I own my life, and no one else will ever so be responsible for it. It means that I come into this world with it, and will leave with it… and only it. This life of mine is the only precious gem I will ever truly possess and I will claim Dominion of it. Pillar Five.


To dare is not about taunting. It is about proving to oneself, one’s possibilities. Daring is not frivolous nor foolhardy for me. It is about knowing what I want to do, and moving forward doing it.

Do I want to parachute out of a plane? Nope. Do I want to bungee jump? Nah. Do I want to ride horseback on the steppes of Mongolia one day? Indeed, I do. Do I want to adventure into certain tributaries of life and work that I have never been. Oh yes.

I have found huge benefit and joy in doing so to date, and intend to make this Pillar Six, asking myself “Does this task or opportunity that I soulfully love require to to dare myself?”

If that answer is yes, I will have added smile.

A Return to R4D2.

I feel very real and raw about this decision. And right. I feel it focuses my efforts and intent and working and living in the direction and results I soulfully seek. It allows me to lay claim to the one thing I own; me. And it causes me to dare… to always be me.

My name is Barry Lewis Green. I own all three names. Barry means “spear carrier” or “spear” or “archer” depending on the source. Lewis (my grandfather’s name) means “famous in war”. The only war for which I seek to be famous is the war to claim my life and stand my middle ground.

I am a Baha’i. I am an educator by wiring, education and experience. I am an entrepreneur thusly as well. I am a world citizen, human… a Terran. I believe and hold fast in and to the global goals. I believe in the vital importance of character and unity in advancing peace, passion and prosperity as a planet. I believe in Humanity. Our Humanity is our highest standard. Our inhumanity is our lowest.

I teach, and speak, and dance, sing, cartoon, write, blog, vlog and create my way through and towards it all. I believe my life and work matters. I believe yours does too. I believe my life’s work is about being real and raw as I move towards results and do the right thing while moving there. I believe that my life is mine alone, and to be responsible in owning it. And I believe in the power of Daring to explore our greatest capacities.

I believe.

And now, I enact.


Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green

aka The Unity Guy



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