On this Hallowe’en, I have made a decision to retreat in order to advance. It has been born of my recent and ongoing foray into more deliberate meditation (the resulting clarity is palpable and viscous) and my recent reading of both The War of Art and The Art of War.

Specifically, and over November and December ahead of 2022, I am going into my own “wilderness”; my own Bat Cave, if you will. My blogs of The Leaducator and Deliver and AukWords are now to be on sabbatical. The broadCAST will continue to deliver on our monthly TUGtv convos, as they will indeed themselves continue. They are a personal joy of fun and great content.

In A November to Remember, I alluded to a process of Sacrifice, Temperance and Yielding. I suggest the read and reflect. It referenced a 30-day journey, but I am going these next two months instead. In that blog, it asked, “What do you need to sagaciously determine to practice Sacrifice around?” Still, a good question me thinks.

My Sacrifice is about retreat in order to advance. I have recently written on creating and discerning with respect to problem solving. I have posted several times on this journey into meditation for me. … and going glocal. I have shared on transcendent Optimism and facing forward and rising up, resourceful. I have written on Service and a sense of Purposefulness…. and countenance and gate. All of this is to say that the time has come to let deeds, not words, be my own adorning. It is time to retreat in order to advance. It is time for consolidation before expansion into 2022. I suggest the same for us all. The last two years, whether we like it or not, have been (and will continue to be) a source of reset. Reset has happened countless times throughout history. These times are another, individually and collectively. There are new paths and a need for Creativity.

The Leaducator will return to serve Leaducators in the classroom, understanding the impact and opportunity they have to affect the world in all arenas of human endeavor… through their teaching and their capacity to lead, inspire, educate and unite; to be that teacher who makes such a difference.

Deliver will return to serve Communitrepreneurs running both social and private enterprises with the intent of serving and building genuine and sustainable prosperity … and better communities … by their work and service; and supporting the global goals… locally, globally or glocally.

AukWords will return to serve Emergents … young and young in spirit… and all ages and generations … who are rising up to help lead constructive change in the private, public and community sectors locally and around the globe… for an ever better and emerging world… for us all.

And more. Epic Engage will return (and indeed in many ways continue over these next two months) to helps Leaducators, Communitrepreneurs and Emergents educate and lead with character, strength and joyful excellence … unite strong, diverse cultures of purpose, talent and capacity … and inspire learning cultures of flourishing creativity and growth. You matter. You advance the best that is Humanity at school, work, business and community. You hold Humanity high as a standard. I have said that #hUmaNITY rocks. I believe, and contend. In your own work, so do you. And, I will serve all Activants into 2022 and beyond. You, looking to make constructive change happen, on the ground, real-world, real-time. You, world-embracing and noble-hearted. You, seeking to mobilize strong, united and character-driven teams to change the world or your corner of it. You, wanting to ever better lead, inspire, educate and unite in doing so. I will serve… as we go build a better world. This is my Just Cause. I will not change the world, but I will be that 900-pound gorilla that helps others do just that.

I will serve from my story. I will serve with all my platforms. I will serve as a champion of the global work of The Virtues Project.

I will serve.

But first, I will retreat… to advance.

While we continue with TUGtv and Digital Coffees, and I continue teaching business… I will be working on my health, with a new fitness challenge… and I will continue my deeper dive into meditation. The thought, for me, is to prepare to launch into a new 9-year era for my LIFE/work.

These next two months, I work on getting myself ready. AND, I will share weekly. It might have some value to you. It will for me.

As 2022, approaches what do you need to prepare to launch into? What might need be your retreat to advance? What might need be your Sacrifice? The world matters. Your corner of it does. Your life matters. What do you need to get ready to launch? Peace. 😉

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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