I invite you to watch this video on The Science of Character.  I also invite you to consider this collection of virtues; the strengths of character.STRO

Over the balance of 2016 and into 2017, we will be taking a discerning and deliberate look at a range of virtues, their opportunities and challenges, and ideas around their application at school, work and community.  For now, I simply invite you to consider which of these virtues are most important to you at this time in your life.  Ponder which ones have the greatest return on investment, as you practice them.

  • What are three that are vital for you now?
  • What are the specific returns for you or your team that will come from manifesting them at school, home, work or community?
  • How will you practice them?

Then, starting next week, we commence a systematic exploration of both the science and art of virtue and its impact on our lives.  This ain’t the soft stuff.  It is the good, hard and noble stuff.

FOR NOW… Here’s a thought and exercise.

A really good read on body languageHave a read.  See what is of value for you in your interactions and communications.  While I am not a fan of over analysis, there are thoughts and ideas here worthy of consideration, going forward.

That being said, with The Character Lens in mind, I might humbly suggest that body language is born of matters of character.  Behavior is a result, a symptom, of character.  It is true that the practice of character is a behaviour but it is more like a snowball effect; character drives behaviour which drives character.  Ultimately when we are watching body behaviour and language, we are looking for something deeper that it speaks to… character.  We do it in interviews, on dates and in watching movies.  We are looking for manifestations of character in behaviour.

So, in preparation for our upcoming year long examination of some 52 strengths of character and their application at school, work and community… I invite you to consider 3 virtues that you most admire.

Then, drawing upon what we call trait and behavioral theories of leadership… ask yourself this question, for each of the three virtues chosen.

What behaviours manifest themselves when this virtue is practiced?

In doing so, you are putting on the Character Lens.  More importantly, you are going deeper in recognizing and discovering the character of leadership and how it is found and encouraged.  Now, we start moving towards the kind of leadership that is powerfully aligned and authentically inspiring.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


Some music to set the mood… music of character 🙂


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