In Diving into Balance, 6 days ago, I shared on Congruence as I saw it pertaining to finding our best balance. Such balance is individual and unique to us, but I believe and contend that it is forged with Congruence. I recommend the read and reflect. And, I suggest these 6 days later with but 2 days left in this current dive of mine… what occurs to me these 6 days in are 6 questions and points of clarity.


Who and what will we choose to Honor as we walk our lives? For me, upon visits to graves and places of memory this past week, and without children or grandchildren of my own, I chose to make a personal promise to those that have gone on. I call them my Ascendants, as they have ascended unto the Next Realm, as I see it. But, I did get very clear on that promise to Honor not only their memory, but their living spirit beyond, if you will. This is a very personal sense of Devotion. Indeed and in deed, it should be; no pretense or posturing here.

With what SPIRIT will we walk? What is our Countenance and Gate? How will we carry ourselves through trial and triumph alike? Again, for me, these words of Baha’u’llah became ever more clear for my own walk. It is a choice I make to do my very best in having these words guide my own Countenance and Gate.

What is the AIM? What are we proverbially “hunting”? What is our fierce focus? What is our Holy Grail? Our Ring? What is that which matters most to us to advance on? Yet again, for me, it became quickly clear that my aim is Unity; not some contrived “in words only” sense… but a practical, powerful. hard working sense. I believe in Humanity over inhumanity, and our future… and I recognize that it will take much work. But, as an amateur archer, I also know that the bulls eye is where we aim, even if we know that it will take time to consistently hit it, with Confidence.

What do we HOLD and GUARD as vital, crucial and even sacred as we walk and aim? For me, yet again, it became quickly clear. Character and virtue. I deeply believe that true leadership is noble; all else is pretense. I deeply believe and contend that any true solutions that sustain and that are sustainable will have to be grounded in Character. I will choose to hold tight to this, and guard it unapologetically. No watering down of this contention, going forward. If Unity is the aim, then Character is the path to which I hold true.

How do we SUIT UP for the walk and “hunt” if you will? For me, I had to consider what tools would best arm me for the walk. I thought on what character, abilities, skills and knowledge (CASK) that I have somehow acquired to date. I thought on wonderful mentors and lessons. I thought on what I have accumulated in lessons learned that would be most useful for my aim and path. And, I came back to my creation of The LENS; a four point model for walking our walk… understanding the LANGUAGE of virtue and character (studying the vocabulary ever deeper)… taking a spirit of humble EDUCATION, learning and being a lifelong student of character to perfect (verb) not be perfect (noun)…. putting on a spirit of NOBILITY, seeing ourselves and others as important… and walking a path of SERVICE. This will be my own Iron Man suit, of choice. The LENS is it; a visor to better see and meet and serve the world.

And how will we DO THE WORK? This is about identifying our best “platform/s” for delivery. How can we best manifest our aim, path and armor? How can we best deliver… execute? For me, it came back to considering the CASK. What do I do well enough and best? In what do I find curiosity, passion and purpose most? I though on studying, teaching, speaking, facilitating, training, coaching, mentoring, and educating. I though on singing, dancing, writing, blogging, vlogging, cartooning and entertaining. I even thought on things around which I want to learn more… boxing and Mandarin and French to start. I thought on how any and all of these could be platforms from which to serve up messages around Character and Unity. If my aim is Unity, my path is Character, and my armor is The LENS, then the work and play that I love most is The Work.

I think these questions are important and only we each can answer for ourselves. As I just reconnected with an early mentor of mine from the 80s on such matters, I am ever more reminded that answering questions like…

  • Who and what will I choose to Honor as I walk my life?
  • With what SPIRIT will I make that walk?
  • What is my ultimate AIM as I walk it?
  • What do I HOLD and GUARD as vital, crucial and even sacred as I walk my chosen path towards my aim?
  • How do I SUIT UP for the walk and “hunt”?
  • And how will I actually DO THE WORK?

… can truly help. Taking the time to reflect on same is a powerful investment. You will tweak as you go, but if you reflect well, the tweaks will be minimal, from my experience. I am glad that I am taking these days. I knew I would be. But it helps set out next chapter in considering these six questions. Get your courageously, honest answers and go wholehearted.

Peace, purpose and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ― Abraham Lincoln