Way back in May, my head and heart were swirling around giving things a rest. In that post were some links and thoughts that I was finding useful and necessary. If rest and reset is important to you… you might want to check it out.

Since then, I have been on just such a journey of rest and reset, to a larger extent anyways. Amidst it, I have spent time looking back and forwardand within. I have continued with great conversation that has helped me reframe… going forward.

I have continued with Digital Coffees with Raven Warren on mental health and self careDawn Gough on environmental sustainability and ResponsibilityGuy Matthews on life and living it…. TUGtv conversations around community development, Justice, ideas, youth, humanity and moreDigital Coffees with Elaine Dunphy on NIA and Ageless Grace, and body movement/health…. and such with both Stephen Burry and Christine Ayling.

Yes, I have been chatting and exploring. These conversations have helped me explore thought and ideas, and myself; without agenda. Just last week, having conversation with all the TUGtv hosts served up more such exploration for me, And, I say all of this because (a) taking time to truly explore ourselves and our world matters for our own living of life and (b) sometimes that has to take a full on, hard cool dive, wholehearted, This next week will be that for me.

The Dive

I am taking time to dial back and dive in. Through it all, I am intent on exploring certain virtues that particularly pertain to this space and time of change. Congruence is one; that sense of alignment and Integrity… where thought, will and action connect.

Dominion too. Ownership of that which we only have true ownership… our very lives and being. Dominion is claiming Responsibility for our lives; entirely. Our sense of Dominion is both compass and ballast for living our lives. Indeed, it our anchor and sail. It is our being.

Then there is Candor; that capacity to express who we are to the world without intent for offense… but simply to express our Congruence. if you will. It is our course set out upon. Candor meeting Dominion forges Congruence; we are the ship and we set our own sail. Candor is our doing.

Candor takes our Dominion and puts it “out there”… advancing and building that Congruence. We own who we are and intend to be, and we express same in alignment. Over this next week, I am taking a deeper dive into wholehearted Dominion, Candor and Congruence. As I head into a new College and business year, the focus is to own it, express it and align it like never before. That includes publishing a long promised series of stories born of childhood imagination. It includes pursuing purpose through teaching, coaching, training, facilitating, speaking, writing, blogging, vlogging, singing, dancing, cartooning and creating. Actually, less pursuit and more curious engagement. It includes walking a meandering but purposeful path of Curiosity.

It includes seeing the big picture but exploring the small, cool steps. It means being purposefully curious and curiously purposeful. The health road is still core… 70 pounds down by December 31…. with 30 down by August 31. That health and strength will be foundational for that wholehearted Dominion, Candor and Congruence.

It is going to be interesting for me; and I am excited. As I take this next week and fully dial back to dive in… I ask you. “How might such a wholehearted exploration of Dominion and Candor help propel your own sense of Congruence at this time and space of your life?”

In engaging that Curiosity, you can explore the work of Richard Bolles or get his book What Color is Your Parachute? You can do some personality assessment. You can chat with good friends. You can explore Service, and purpose. You can just try things, and regardless of age… with that Curiosity. The point is get curious about exploring and building your own landscape. Dive in. Who knows what you might find? As we explore and admit answers to our sense of Dominion and our practice of Candor, we find a robust and healthy balance in being and doing. We dive into our balance. It is called Congruence.

Off to take a week of diving.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ― Abraham Lincoln