Public performance requires trust and trustworthiness alike; in our leadership, colleagues, clients and all constituents.  In our last post on the study of character leadership, and throughout the first three posts indeed… we sing-300x200explored building trustworthiness as a leader.  We suggested looking at a trustworthiness plan and mission statement.  We recommend a review of those posts now.  Yes, indeed, we do.

But, we also asked you to answer and/or address the following…

  • What is the clear and certain return on investment of building character in your school, workplace, business or community?  Make a grocery list of the tangible reasons for advancing character as foundation to your culture. 
  • How would it impact sales, revenues, effectiveness, efficiencies, excellence, academics, quality, trustworthiness and more amongst your colleagues, classrooms, clients and all constituents.

This gets us leverage on the WHY.  What exactly is the ROI on character, trust and trustworthiness as leaders at school, work and community?  Getting clear on this is crucial or we simply pay and play lip service; a waste of time and resources for everyone.  The WHY is our motivation and meaning.


But, what about our methods for implementing cultures that build trust and trustworthiness in powerful 101 on Blackand equal measure?  Here now, we introduce four overarching strategies on the HOW of building such leadership and culture.

  • LEARN THE LANGUAGE.  In our engagement with one another as part of the team in a school, youth center or college… workplace or community… the language of the virtues is nuanced and layered.  We strongly suggest learning the language of the virtues that build trust.  Identify what virtues build it.  Move beyond presumptive understandings and dig deeper; ever deeper.  Choose to study them and understand them.  Get to know them and their nuances.  Master their understanding.
  • ENCOURAGE TEACHABLE MOMENTS.  Build a learning culture that practices those necessary, and now more understood, virtues for building trust and trustworthiness.  Build a culture that encourages learning from their application.  This is vital.  Innovation in the application of character is as relevant as it is with technology.  Apply as you go.  Measure as you go.  Learn as you go.
  • GET CLEAR on BOUNDARIES.  Boundaries based on respect and restorative justice create a climate of clarity in our workplaces, schools and communities; and they provide real identity.  Set your best guidelines around how you will ensure the building of trust and trustworthiness.  Move beyond conduct and explore what will be your code of character for building such?
  • CELEBRATE THE SPIRIT.  We sustain our focus by keeping our eyes on the prize and honoring that every step of the way.  Encourage and celebrate the spirit of trust and trustworthiness.  Find ways to honor it daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

These four strategies can serve as powerful vehicles for building trustworthy leaders and cultures at school, work and community… cultures that are worthy of the trust of all stakeholders.  Trustworthiness is built on character and getting clear on the requisites of character goes a very long way in establishing that worthiness.  That is one powerful commodity.

Until next time…

Peace, passion and prosperity.Educator

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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