Last week, I posted on purpose.  In the last few days, I made a decision 30 years in the making.  Just this morning, I brought together 9 posts on leadership.  All of this is to say that today I am thoughtful on decision and action.  I wrote on action as prayer… and I am realizing ever more so today that the quality of a decision rests in being connected with wisdom somehow.  On my own health road now, this is even more true.

So, I simply offer this thought this week. Wander, wonder, ponder, and render.  Wander through your life from birth to now, walking through the life events as they have happened (I call it walking your life line).  Be deliberate and walk the journey.  That which we most remember, we do so for good reason.

Be in a state of wonder in doing so, realizing this as an epic journey filled with trials and triumphs and everything in between.

Ponder their most constructive lessons for you.  Ultimately, each trial and triumph is a teacher.

Then render some form of decision on where you go from here.

Do this on your own or with a friend, or a professional (as I am not one in that area… but a student of spiritual reflection).  It is not unlike that moment in Castaway.  Watch the movie for context if you like.  But that final scene, he is experiencing the wander, wonder, ponder and render.  You can almost “see” those wheels of life and lessons turning.  Your life matters.  As does mine.  My decisions reflect that.  As must yours.

Be brave.  Be strong and brave.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy