Last posting, I noted some thoughts on Purpose and Pace… and a pace of grace. I humbly suggest it worth a read, including the links.

This past week, on LinkedIn, I have written on a New Year and Perspective, on Necessity and Humble Swagger, and on Principle, Character and Leadership. And, back on February 4, I wrote on Mastery and Meaning.  All were an exploration of perspective… for me, and hopefully you the reader.  In part, they were all inspired by my exploration of my own connection to the Global Goals.

These days, I am challenging my own perceptions.  It serves two purposes; to question in order to confirm that which is my true and best core and to eliminate that which is not.  It is kind of a soulful surgery, exploring my perceptions of the world, its diversity, and its presumptions of leadership.

What I am more fully understanding is that I am not driven for fame, but impact.  I am not driven for popularity, but meaning.  I am not driven to create contention nor offense, but build dialogue.  I am more fully understanding that leadership is heroic and humble, and capable of being practiced by us all.

Leadership matters.  Great leadership is trustworthy and inspiring of that trust.  Great leadership gives a damn.  Words are hollow, deeds are true.  Great leadership cares.  It rolls up its own sleeves to be part of, not boss of… it says what it means and means what it says.  Great leadership values people.. not on paper nor in speeches, but in action.  It trusts and engages people.  It believes in them.  It holds up a high standard for us all to strive, out of human desire to grow not fear of failure or punishment.  It is not born of ego, but guided by soul.  And it freakin’ matters.

The messianic style and the sometimes seeming worship of gurus does not speak to me in the slightest.  I do not remotely see myself in such role or capacity, nor do I wish to see myself or be seen as so.  I believe “studentry” is “mastery”; and it is fueled by a humble desire to learn.  I think this is what some of my personal fave writers and speakers address… Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Richard Bolles, Dr. Brene Brown, Steven Pressfield and Joe Calloway, among others.

So What? 

So, what does this mean for me today?  It means that I have questioned my motives.  My post on Manifest Oh!… I have gone back to a reread and reflected and digested. For me, it still stands.  For me, it is about the work.  And, when it comes to my 20022020 vision and strategic goals, I am ever more clear on the WHY.  My best contract stands.  As I continue to work on this current strategic snapshot:

SNAPSHOT 1: January 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019… 90 days.

  • I am a daily student of the practice of character, unity and spirit… in studies and practice
  • I am learning the first basics of conversational Mandarin
  • I am continuing my education studies, commencing my next and 4th course
  • I am prayerfully engaged in my Ruhi studies, continuing to focus on Book 1 as baseline
  • I am singing, writing and living daily, with my #bestlittledogintheworld Panda
  • I am Salsa dancing weekly too
  • I am building on the re-launch of the new Epic Engage™ with:
    • Project Black Wing™
    • DELIVER™ sessions  January, February and March
    • Thinking CAPS™ national chats January through March
    • The Epic Speakernet promotions and building
    • a new blog-comic strip called Aukwords™ launched in January 2019
    • Speakeasies™ starting in March
  • I am sharing epic stories monthly, via video
  • I am continuing to build strong connections with the business development community, including:
    • MBO
    • Futurpreneur, and
    • NLOWE
  • I am starting my Winter Term, teaching business leadership at college
  • I have a 40 inch waist, eating “more than right”, walking daily
  • I am following my 20022020 W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Plan.

… I am more aware of the reason.  In 13 days, I will turn 59… with one year until 60.  I intend 60 to be the year I am at optimal health and strength, because I see a new chapter unfolding… one that is driven by the soulful need for humble, joyful service and excellence.  I intend my life and work to be so.  I want the physical carriage to support such for as long as I am on this planet… not for fame nor glory, but for my life, in service.  I believe it Goethe who said, “The deed is everything, the glory naught.”  I believe in the words of Baha’u’llah, “Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.” For me, my why is clear.  Because I am here.  A life of words is only worth the deeds supporting same.

Getting to your WHY is crucial.  This week, I cover motivation with my students in Organizational Behaviour.  It will be part of our dialogue.  Because I am here.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy