In The Little Big Bucket, I shared on 5 areas (or buckets) for me… and maybe for you. I said, “The above 5 would see such sense of both joy and accomplishment for me. They would be full little big buckets. They would be and are where I will place my energies these next 90 days ahead of my next birthday. How about you? What would your 90 days look like?” In saying this, I must acknowledge that the 90-day thing is resonating for me. I humbly suggest a read and reflect on that blog. Oh, and I explored more in 90-Days Ahead: United. Feel free to read. Either way, 90 days is a foreseeable and manageable mountain or timeline, and once that mountain has been climbed, we have a better vantage point to assess further mountains and climbing, if you will.

That said, I just posted on Facebook… “I have been in this space before … that place where you have done your Discernment and made your decision… where all that is left is action and execution. Have always been “on the go”. But at certain times in life… there has been deliberate Discernment and Decisiveness. At those times, colossal movement happened… all ON the GO. 😉 These past 88 weeks have been a time of both forced and chosen Discernment. Now, there is a sense of “damn the torpedoes” and “all in full arse”. No toes dipped. Full dive. F$%k it. Teaching, business, health and more. All freakin’ in. My meditations are producing meditations of “full on run with it”. Here I go…

As I have both consciously and even unconsciously been preparing for my next proverbial “mountain climb”, the words “Let deeds, not words, be your adorning” have a deeper resonance for me today. I am in that space. Damn those torpedoes. Dive, dive, dive. Run, run, run. Execute. Reflection can and often does best occur, on the road. Indeed, and in deed, we cannot truly be guided unless we move. My meditations are beating that drum. “When the swords flash, go forward…” has meaning for me yet again, too. The “heavy lifting” on Discernment is done. The Decisiveness too. Projects and partners around the world are bubbling up and getting traction. Clarity is solidifying. The path is presenting itself. Now is time to run, baby, run. Through the running, there is and must be time for rest, recharge and reset. That is always necessary, ongoing. This not about burnout, but the best practice of running with Endurance… on the full out long run towards the “dream”. Run, rest, run… towards the “dream”… and, yes, dreams do matter Panda.

As does Daring.

Getting clear on purpose is a powerful force. It is the weighty thing. But momentum is a combination of weight and speed. That ton of stone has ever more force rolling down the hill. And, Daring is the movement, ever gaining speed and force. The immovable object becomes the unstoppable force. Inertia is a material and spiritual law.

So, here I go again… indeed and in deed. These 90 days will be a running spirit… joyous and flat freakin’ out. It is not about arbitrary hustle and cliché and image, spinning wheels or going through motions. It is not about posing or posturing. It is not about frantically running around like the proverbial chicken. It is about running with power and grace, with purpose and passion. It is about knowing where we are going… and going there. And, in running, I think I need consider the RAIN… Recognizing my state of mind, Accepting the situation as it is, Investigating my state of being, and non-identifying. Maybe it is a bit of running and dancing in the rain. What I do know is that running does not imply a frantic, almost crazed pace. Running can be graceful; almost effortless… as can dancing, or walking. But, running can get us “there”, sooner. Running with Grace and guidance can do so with joy. My meditations are speaking to me of such and same… a road, tunnel and path folding and me running down and through it, full on, flat out. These 90 days, I will run. I will let deeds be my adorning. And I will see where that takes me. How about you? Where do need to run towards?

Peace. 😉

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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