In My Fortress last week, I shared “I am getting there, and have decided, with exams and grades completed and wrap up activities underway, to take these next 2 weeks and do the hard work. Getting a meaningful journal, my prayer book, and some time “away”… and it is time for a rescue, of Soul… and character.”

I am in mid-stream. And ever increasing clarity is resulting. This morning, I wrote on rethinking Charity, and it is burning away a fog that has been experienced for a couple years now, as I have spent considerable time reflecting and imagining on the path for Epic Engage. That path is now actually crystal clear and is about to be manifested on this very website over the coming days.

This evening, I recorded this as a brief reflection on what is more clear for me today. It was, in part, inspired by seeing this piece today from Simon Sinek. All of this is to say that determining your WHY is paramount. It is the source of our best invention.

My invention is about to be unveiled July 1, Canada Day. The boy inside the man cannot wait.

What might be yours?

Think about it.

That is it for me, for now.

I will have much more to share next week.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green

aka The Unity Guy



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