First off, Happy Canada Day (July 1) to my Canadian kindred… and Happy Independence Day (July 4) to my American neighbors.  Such days of celebration can and should be a place to reflect on, sharpen and celebrate our collective identities; who we decide to be.

With that in mind, recently I wrote on Dominion, Independence and Strength sourcing thoughts from Seth Godin and exploring what I suggest are primary questions on finding your best strength of service.  Then, over this past weekend, I wrote on 4 Strengths for Better Freakin’ Decisions, focusing on strengths of character that need to be at play in making foundational decisions, especially on how we do indeed best serve.

A Better Hand to Draw

Still, there are some additional thoughts around core decision making that I am currently processing and would like to share, if I may.

Today, and as a result of the first 5 days of a new 60 Day Challengewhich I invite you to engage for yourself… I am left with 5 virtues or strengths of character that I now see in a new light and that are truly foundational for sharpening the focus of my life and work, going forward.  I now see that they can impact my decision making in meaningful ways.   They are a powerful hand dealt to me; and to anyone interested in quality decision making.

While, I have another 55 days left on this Virtues Pick challenge (you can join anytime, but the sooner the better), these 5 are core for me now… building purposefulness and strength in my personal and professional leadership I believe.  They are:

The picks were not planned nor intended by any means.  That being said, after considerable reflection… they do now form what I am now affectionately calling my own fierce five for grounding my decisions around forging my own sense of excellence in service.

  • THANKFULNESS.  The more I am genuinely and already thankful, the less of a sense of “need” I have and I am better able to make sound decisions and thus choose wisely.  My decisions are vetted by the realization that I do not “need” anything and can make choices based on desire to serve.  I can better choose how I can and want to serve.  So, thankfulness = confidence = decisiveness and better decision making.
  • HUMANITY.  The more that I understand that we all count, including myself… the better able I am to make decisions that represent what is truly best for all… now or in the longer run.   This virtue can guide my best decisions, accounting for the authentic interests of all concerned.  So, humanity = responsibility = decisiveness and better decision making.
  • LOVE.  The more wholehearted I am in bringing my very best to the table, the higher my capacity for making decisions that are filled with my true and best loves of work, and community and home.   This strength can guide me in determining where I can be of most service, moving from the desire to be all to the desire to be my best.  This gives me a laser-like focus.  So, in turn, love = zeal (purposeful enthusiasm) = decisiveness and better decision making.
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS.  The moment that I understand my own self to be truly trustworthy, the more ready I am to listen to my own best wisdom… and to be consistent and in alignment with that wisdom… thus building trustworthiness with those whom I serve.  Consistency of decision and action breeds excellence and, in turn, trustworthiness… a most valuable commodity and magnet of prosperity.  So, trustworthiness = integrity = decisiveness and better decision making.
  • CARING.  When I realize the artisan’s tool that is caring, I get how it manifests and sets into motion the four previous strengths.  It is the opposing thumb on the hand of these five.  It is the method of action in living, applying, practicing and securing thankfulness, humanity, love, and trustworthiness.  Once I focus and truly deliver on care, special things happen.  I share some these thoughts in this video.  So, caring = excellence = decisiveness and better decision making.

So What?

I am incorporating these 5 virtues into the remaining 55 days of virtues picks.  While I originally intended 1 pick a day with powerful focus… and that is the approach for the balance… these 5 are going with me.  They are, indeed, foundational.  All of this is to say several things.

  • First, I invite you to partake of this 60 Day social experiment.
  • Second, I invite you to consider these virtues and their relevance for your own leadership in the classroom, workplace or community.
  • Third, I humbly suggest that these five form a powerful hand for me as I both chart and run my course.  They are foundational, producing what I call joyful excellence born of the focus of purposefulness.

And Now

We believe in the power of character to massively and constructively impact leadership.  The virtues presented above are the basis of such character.  For now, we continue the experiment; doing virtues picks for another 55 days… and seeing what comes up.  More to follow, and I do graciously invite you to engage your own experiment.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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