Last week, I posted on My Summer CAMP.  In it, and among other things, I suggested that, “My thought to you is four-fold.

  • Cleansing of mind, body and spirit requires honesty, openness and courage.
  • Doing so is an investment.
  • Doing so requires us to be open, adaptive and relentless (your OARs in the water).
  • The return is high, on Clarity and Confidence.”

Such as been born out this past week, with changes coming to Epic Engage™ and how and why and with whom we work it.  One of the first changes is to this blog.  Going forward, much of my own work will be with my best friend and comrade in arms, Jenny Dearing.  You will learn more of Jenny in the days and weeks to come but our work together is driven by the advancement of character, love, unity and excellence.  What does that mean?  You will find out soon.

For now, let me suggest that I am personally more clear than ever on what Epic Engage™ stands and works and serves for, going forward.  Here, the blog will be known as Benny and Jarry, to represent the combined work of two best friends with passions and capacities for work that matters to both of us.  More important for now, it is a reminder that my question to you last week still stands.

How can you see yourself cleansing and getting to the essentials How can do CAMP?  How can you have those cool, meaningful conversations with those you deeply trust… to explore who you are and what has most meaning. How can you take actions needed to align in accordance?  How can you meditate on such, nay even pray?  I am thinking July and August will continue to be CAMP, for me…. as I get ever more clear on the work, service and play ahead.

Stay tuned for the first of Benny and Jarry, and look forward to a fierce and fun mission and service as we move forward together, stronger.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy