Last week, we clued up the Benny and Jarry Blog run (at least for now). We posted on Love and Peace Out. It has been an enjoyable run with Jenny and she will be contributing to The broadCAST going forward. I look forward to her insights. Thank you Jenny. <3

And Now

That being said, and after my recent birthday, I have been reflecting on the path forward for this hombre. Of late, I have blogged on LinkedIn on Purpose and Story… on Love and Metaphor and Candor and owning, expressing and bringing it.

Most recently, I posted on rolling the dice and how good do you want it and wishes no more… finishing off these last couple of days with initial thoughts on creative excellence and premise, promise and precipice.

All of that is to say that (a) my blogging is somewhat randomly inspired by thoughts at a given moment and (b) when I look back upon posts, I am not sure how “random” they actually are.

These last posts are speaking to me of something of a birthday hangover in the best of ways. They are speaking to me of “Now What?“. Now that I have reached this arbitrary number of 60, not having a clue what that even freakin’ remotely means, what is my Soul screaming to me in a whisper?

A New Saga

I looooooooove this song. Truly. And that word, Saga…. love it too. For me, a new saga unfolds. More than a new chapter. A new story. The educator and entrepreneur in me knows it. The speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach knows it. The singer, dancer, writer and cartoonist knows it. The very amateur boxer and archer knows it. The boy, guy and man does too.

Silos to Synergy

This next saga will be less about silos and more about synergy. It will be less about small and more about big; not in some grandiose way, but in a way where ideas are more freely and even wisely manifested… all centering on my deep belief in and passion for character leadership and unity building.

It will mean working with people who are world embracing and noble hearted. It will mean honoring the spirit of Professor Hattenauer.

And JFK.

It will mean choosing my projects and people and life to align ever more joyfully and powerfully with who I am. It will mean long held and even promised books are coming; a comic strip too. It will mean new forays into song and dance. It will mean “firing everything”.

“Everything requires everything” were words that came in answer to a deep prayer at my sister’s graveside several years back. Everything my Soul desires requires everything I am… every bit of knowledge, skill, ability, character and more.

My point to you, and for now, is “What is the everything you seek and what is the everything you can bring to it?” Your best life is defined by you, but it requires all of you… not pieces.

Be you. Live your life.

I will.

Peace, passion and prosperity…


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