This blog is changing and returning to its roots. Jenny will be remaining as a contributor to The broadCAST but this will be her last post right here; at least for now. It has been a cool ride and I am looking forward to Jenny’s future contributions. For now…

Jenny says…

First, I invite you to read my last post… and continuing on that last thought…

As Tim McGraw once said “When those dreams you’re dreamin’ come to you, When the work you put in is realized, let yourself feel the pride but always stay humble and kind”  

In these lyrics I think of how much we need to put that work into our own selves to see what we are worth. But in the moments that we do figure that out, we still need to be genuine, humble and kind. If not, I feel that we do a disservice to not only ourselves, but to the ones that truly love us the way that we are meant to be loved. We are put on this earth to love. Love is in us to give. It is an emotion and virtue that we are supposed to feel so deeply, that we exude it through our very existence. If only we loved as deeply as we were born to love. We would feel less anger, resentment and fear. There would be more understanding, compassion, kindness and respect. We have created this world of existence, and of fear. We are destroying this ability within our world to feel what Nicholas Sparks writes of. I know, I know, Sappy love stories may not be real to us. But guess what? They are, it is okay to be a hopeless romantic. It is more than okay to not accept or allow anything less in our own lives. Whether it be ourselves loving ourselves, or someone that we welcome into our lives to love us the way that, damn it, we so rightfully deserve to be loved.  

Now while, reading back into this blog, I see how many times I have said deserve, accept, allow, experience, and appreciate. I have repeated these words in a multitude. Truly that is what it is. We need to feel these certain things, in order to completely feel what the universe has prepared or us.  

I hope that somehow this has allowed you to see what you need to do to welcome all of this beauty into your life. In my recent years, I have loved myself more than I ever thought possible. I have accepted myself fully. In these years I have still met people and opened my heart, to only be disappointed and not completely loved as I should be. Now, as my final word of this blog, I have finally met the person that has been longing for all I have been longing for. I am loved the way I love him, he loves my boy and all of the other beautiful yet trivial things in my life. He is the Nicholas Sparks beginning and end to my story. And without a shadow of a doubt, he is the person that I have read about and have ached for. That being said, he didn’t come without lessons, or sadness and disappointment. He came after a whole pile of self-loathing and shit self-esteem. But he has arrived. He is here. And in turn I am loved the way that I deserve to be loved. I am loved the way that I love him, the way that I have learnt to love myself.  

I am love, he is love, and all of you my beauties are love!!!! 

See you in The broadCAST world!

Barry says…

First, gonna miss ya Jenny. 🙂 That being said, I simply offer this on Love this month. As my birthday approaches (tomorrow), I have been reflecting on what I reference as Dominion, Candor and Wholeheartedness. I truly invite you to read that post. For me, it speaks ultimately of Love. To love our lives, ourselves and others, we need to get clear on what is most important to us. That requires some reflection and courageous honesty at times. It is an investment in love for our Soul… to get such clarity and then express it, wholeheartedly. Yes, I invite you to read that post. More importantly, I invite you to wor4k through it. I have, and I am entering my birthday with a deepened clarity for what I love and want most in my life.

Peace, passion, prosperity, and a whole bunch of Love and Character

Benny and Jarry

Peace, passion and prosperity…


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