In Dare to Decide, I noted “In the end, and the beginning, reflect and consider on your answers to these three questions and develop three wise lists.

  • What is it time to let go of?
  • What is it time to keep?
  • And what is it time to begin?”

I have prayerfully reflected and it is time to burn the ships. Just today, I posted on Leave your Mark and The Character of Business. Yesterday, on The Character of Teaching. All of that is to say and manifest on that which I must let go, hold to and pick up. What ships must be burned? That is part of it.

Then, after a cool, engaging conversation with a most dear and loved friend, I shared this on Facebook. Without going into specifics, there was a clear and defining moment on my most Soulful WHY. And it shook me in the best and most real of ways. To my Core. It galvanized my resolve around my five “buckets“.

It galvanized my spirit around the WHY of the WHAT is important to me, moving forward. Knowing and accepting the WHAT that is important is one level. It is the trunk of the tree. Knowing the WHY of the WHAT is the root.

Knowing and accepting and getting our WHAT and our WHY allows us to grow upward. Growing upward moves us away from what might be holding us back. If we continue the analogy of burning the ships… the ships hold us back from going all in… because they are our “Plan B”. Burning the ships, once we know our WHAT and WHY, is necessary in order to move forward. For me, it is about “When the swords flash, go forward…”. No Plan B. And daring to decide requires of us to make such a leap of discerned Faith. If we have practiced the due Diligence of Discernment on our most Soulful sense of calling, at some point we need to burn the ships. And I am. Peace. 😉

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