OMG, it has been two weeks since my last post here… written on A Stronger Ship. Last week was filled with beginning Intersession and a new term at College. In that last post, I shared on 4 strengths for a better world. Empathy. Endurance. Enthusiasm. Excellence.

I suggest a go back and read, and reflect. That said, I also suggest that I am further exploring these four, and more.

Coach, Coach Thyself

In my most recent LinkedIn post, I weighed in on what I see as the problem with self care. Today, I am, amidst teaching online, planning for a bit of a retreat and advance this coming weekend. I am going to coach myself up.

In that time, and on my 64th and 65th days of self isolation, I am looking candidly at my own chosen road ahead. When I ponder on Empathy and Caring and their application for my own life, I am coming face to face and heart to heart with a reality we all need face to some degree or another.

Stop comparing.

Joe Calloway recently shared this on focus. In it, he says, “At some point, though, you need to focus on your areas of greatest potential… Don’t be distracted by things that you “could” do, but that would take away from those things that will bring you the greatest return on focus and effort.”

This speaks to me that the best way to take care, is to find my best aligned and sharpened focus. To do that, I need to practice Empathy and Caring, with myself. I need to listen to my self, myself… and not be distracted by all the voices and what everyone else is doing. I need to look to the world to see what genuine needs exist in the world that best meet my genuine focus and capacity. 40 years in leadership training and development across North America, my capacity is broad and deep. That is strength, and weakness. The weakness is the challenge it holds for focus. There is much I could do. There is much I can do. But, chasing bobbles and distractions does not serve me, nor those I choose to ultimately serve at work, and in life.

The Power of Empathy and Caring Inwardly Practiced

I am ever realizing today how much Empathy and Caring impact my capacity to get candid and truthful with myself. That, in turn and once executed on, fosters my ability to endure and excel; enthused to boot. There is a Certitude that can come from getting perfectly real. In working and coaching with clients, I would practice such to help get them more clear on focus. Those “guns” need be turned on my own internal conversation, ever more so… and now.

I am a blessed man. I love my work as an educator. I adore my work with Epic Engage. That said, such realities will be strengthened when I focus on what I best do, and go do that ever increasingly. This weekend will be about taking that “98% there” understanding to ever fuller alignment. I have no need to chase bobbles and business and buzz. I have the time and space to determine my own sense of the master in the art of living as LP Jacks described:

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”

Candor, Can Do

Practicing Candor and Dominion and Wholeheartedness will get me there; and the kind of Candor, in particular, that is grounded in Empathy and Caring, and that produces a greater and genuinely enthused capacity to both endure and excel. It will help me sharpen and make my mark.

In these days, there is much to distract us. I know there is for me. And for me, Candor with myself and the resulting focus it will forge… will help me walk through those distractions with an assured step.

How about you?

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green

aka The Unity Guy


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