This is Chamber Minutes™; a monthly blog post in service to the Mount Pearl Paradise Chamber of Commerce and its membership, through its Board and newsletter.  Here, we will logotake a few minutes to consider a thought or two that might help build greater strength in the face of challenges and opportunities alike.  As a proud member of the Chamber, Epic Engage™, is all about strength, unity, resourcefulness and excellence… and how to get there.  We look forward to exploring same, in service to you… our fellow members.

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Building Strong Cultures @ Work

As you work to build cultures of excellence … and in your interactions with clients, colleagues and constituents alike… try this out. Take moments to identify in others:

  • C — a character strength that you…
  • L — like or admire
  • a — and
  • W — explain why you say that.

Be honest and genuine in doing so. This is not flattery. This is courageously and truthfully seeing and naming strengths. Once they are named, they can be claimed by the recipient; and that encourages and empowers in remarkable ways.

  • Complimenting and rewarding behaviour is transitory in nature and effect. It is catching and reinforcing an action.
  • Complimenting and appreciating character has a level of permanency beyond behaviour.

Character is deeply resonant and honoring it by naming it strikes chords that rewarding behaviour does not. That being said, behaviours can be indications of character; signposts if you will. Still, naming the strength of character we see and honor can go deeper than identifying positive behaviours. You can do both, but know that one goes deeper, is more resonant and has longer effect. C.L.a.W.™ your way through it yourself and see. It will take determination and diligence, but it will pay dividends.

Leader Talk.

For your reading value, we offer you perspectives on leadership, work and age diversity.


Until next month…

Peace, passion and prosperity.Educator

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

Barry is ultimately a vocalist, strength coach and educator.  His work is about exploring, identifying, practicing and mastering our strengths and building upon them through practical and powerful unity and resourcefulness.  That is why Barry is The Unity Guy™.  EPIC Engage™ is an extension of The Unity Guy™. The Epic work is all about building strong, united and inspired cultures lead by character… at school, work and community; where everyone matters and contributes everyday.


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