Taking stock and wrapping up is important.  Last week, I wrote about keeping on keeping on.  This week, amidst meetings with passionate entrepreneurs, and the close of my College year, I am reminded that moving forward often times requires us to close on some things.  In order to start new chapters, we must conclude old ones.  In order to start new tasks, we must wrap up others.  It is hard, but necessary.

I am reminded that, far too often, our busy-ness does not get things actually done.  We spread ourselves so thin, getting little bits of everything done… with no real sense of accomplishment.  This is both counter productive and discouraging.

This week is that week that I do a mid year check in.  I am finished my College year… and Canada Day is July 1.  Formerly known as Dominion Day, I take this lead up to Canada Day as a time to stake my own true Dominion; that over which I actually do have control.  This is a time to clue up projects that need conclusion; and to clear the table for the balance of the year.  As part of my 20022020 Vision, here is what I am cluing up between now and July 1.

  • Getting my weigh scales, gym and Panda ready for a Summer of full on wellness, including my first ground setting meeting with a nutritionist Friday… all towards that 36” Waist, Lean and Strong.
  • Setting my schedule for LEARNING this Summer:
    • MBa – Character Leadership and Unity Building
    • Mandarin and French
    • Ruhi Intensive
  • Preliminary PLANNING for CNA and MUN into Fall 2019.
  • Developing my 5 Year W.E.A.L.T.H. Plan for 2019-24.
  • Re-engineering the Epic Engage™ website, including a schedule of project plans.

This will happen from Wednesday, June 26 through Sunday, June 30… 5 days.  And on Canada Day, I rest.  There will be such a feeling of accomplishment, and a sense of setting the foundation for a much needed Summer.  My thought to you is this.  As we head into July 1, halfway through 2019, identify what do you need to conclude and put to bed… then do that.

I think this is important as it helps with focus and Zeal… and with making decisions regarding career, and more.  Clearing the table and erasing the whiteboard open up possibilities.  Do that.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy