In Curiosity and the Dog, I noted on the need for Curiosity, Creativity, Daring and Decisiveness in these times. I humbly suggest the read and reflect. Before that, in 4 Strengths for Change, I shared on the importance of Flexibility, Faith, Courage and Commitment in facing and/or creating change. And before that, in Forward Together, Ever Stronger, I offered up on Certitude in walking forward into the future. All that is to say that I am pondering on moving into the future, individually and collectively, personally and professionally.

With all of the discussion around history these days, we often forget that history is history but what we Honor about history is our choice. We cannot “erase” history. History is history. It all happened. We can make decisions about what parts of our history, individually and collectively, we will choose to Honor. That said, when looking forward, we cannot be certain of the days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and millennia ahead. What we can do is know what we are about and to what we will devote ourselves. In other words, we can Honor what matters to us most … moving forward.

Devotion and Dignity

This morning on LInkedIn, I shared… “#Devotion is another level of Commitment. And, that strength of Commitment is tossed around so much; often too much. We use it somewhat flippantly at times. Now, consider Devotion. That to which we commit, must be daringly and discerningly decided. That to which we are devoted, ever more so. Simply put, it is worth our time and thought and questioning to get crystal clear and honest on that to which we will devote ourselves and our lives. Consider the card below. Ask yourself, “To what and whom am I truly devoted, personally and professionally?” Note that. Claim that. Own that. Be that.”

I also shared on Dignity, saying… “#Dignity is a deep, resonant, rich sense of Respect and Honor… for ourselves and others. Dignity grounds our Integrity. It is a pungent, powerful manifestation of self esteem. When we walk with Dignity, we carry what I call a “humble swagger”… we know that we belong and we know others do too. We do not “own the room”. We belong there. So does everyone else. When we practice Dignity, we have a Respect and Honor for ourselves and others that is palpable. People see it, and trust in it. When we treat our classes, clients, customers, colleagues, constituents, companions and all with Dignity, we treat ourselves thusly. We build powerful bridges of Trustworthiness with it. How does Dignity resonate for you? Where do you practice it? Where do you need practice it ever more so? I invite you to read and reflect on Dignity below. The world, and our corners of it, need it more than ever. And, it is substantive in its strength.”

Devotion and Dignity are what I call part of the character of countenance. They help us get clear on what we are walking with and towards, and how we will take our best steps forward. They defend us against doubt, despair and distraction. They keep us focused on who we are, what matters most to us and how we will, with strength of character, walk and work towards our future.

Imagine Devotion and Dignity at school, work, business and community. Imagine them individually and collectively. Imagine them personally and professionally. What would they look like for you? For me, they look like honoring my new graffiti wall.

For me, it looks like honoring those I most love and admire. It means sharpening the focus of my work as a business educator and entrepreneur… to ever increasingly draw upon the bodies of work of The Virtues Project and the Global Goals…. to ever better assist educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to create spaces at school, work, business and community that rise to build a better world; locally, globally and glocally. There is a mouthful and heartful lol.

It looks like humbly taking 61 years in and around business, 41 years in leadership training and development, 31 years as an entrepreneur, 26 years in education, 19 years with The Virtues Project, 17 years of work around temperament and personality, and 14 years with Dale Carnegie Training… and bringing my experience, education and Enthusiasm to people and organizations intent on building a better world in the private, public and community sectors. Another mouthful and heartful.

For me, it is about audaciously devoting my work and life to that which truly matters… to practice Dignity in respecting my body, mind and spirit in order to best walk my chosen path of service. It is about devoting myself to those things that say Hell Yeah to me. Again, what would Devotion and Dignity look like fir you? Discern and decide on that and let countenance and gate walking forward, manifest and reflect that.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ― Abraham Lincoln