In Dare to Care, last week, I shared “As I head into this upcoming weekend, I am leaning towards taking my work and business … and somewhat spinning it all on its head. I am teaching online these days as I walk through my now 82 days of isolation. I am exploring new capacities in doing so. But, my work with Epic Engage is getting more than a re-look. I am examining the very foundation of what I do with it. Indeed, this month, it undergoes a Soulful re-engineering to meet the real, raw, right and results… “

I recommend the read. Indeed, I recommend R4/D2 as well. They are guiding me. Still, it did not finish with last weekend. Indeed the process has engaged its own challenges, and choices… and the practice of Wisdom. When I think back to real, raw, right and results … and Dominion and Daring, I more deeply realize that this requires a deep and immediate dive. No dipping of toes in the pool here. Determining exactly what real, raw, right and results means for me requires an act driven by same.

These next few days will be that. This next week or so, and amidst the concluding of the College year… will see that deep dive. Dabbling does not do it. There are several questions I am ever more intent on honestly and courageously answering:

  • What does real look like in my work and life?
  • What does raw imply in terms of how I deliver on it?
  • How do I understand “the right thing”; what is my metric for same?
  • How do I define “results” in life?

I will attack these questions practicing Dominion

… and Daring.

89 days into my own self isolation, and I have questions to ask and answers to provide. I have my own Soulful interrogation to conduct.

What questions are you needing ask yourself? Are you dabbling or daring in asking them? What would it look like when you take your own deeper dive? What impact would it have?

Dive with me.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green

aka The Unity Guy



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