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The GREATNESS™ Sheet and other eBook resource materials below are used in conjunction with the e-book Human Being Being Human©, released in eBook resource materialsNovember 2015.  Here, you can set goals for the application of character strengths as you work through the book… by simply downloading the sheet.  Here, you can find reflection sheets to use as you progress through the book.  In addition, the GREAT™ formula can be used for any kind of goal you establish.  Simply:

  • set your specifically worded GOAL
  • establish its RELEVANCE to you; make it meaningful
  • identify how you will EVALUATE your progress along the way
  • create an inventory of ACTIONS you will take to achieve it
  • set yourself a TIME line for achievement

The forms are for reflection, in support of the reading in Human Being Being Human©.

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Engage, and enjoy!

Now, go be GREAT™!


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