Today, is Canada Day, and earlier I wished everyone Contentment on this day.

From our home (Panda and me) to yours, may you find such Contentment.

My thought is that we get to celebrate the ongoing progress of this idea called Canada. No nation is static, nor should it be. It is called nation building. And yet we can be thankful for this nation each and every year, as we build it. There is much for which to be thankful, and much still to work on, here and around the world. I have no interest in political partisanship (none) but I think the Prime Minister said as much in his Canada Day greeting. We can be grateful and strive for more, better.

Yesterday, I shared To Be Considered. In it, I noted … “Realizing your life, schedule and priorities are different, how will you find some time to consider and reflect? We are half way through a wild 2020, and we have a new world unfolding. How can you take some time this month to ponder your path forward?” I suggest same for this day.

This is Day 16 of ROCK 105. Thus far, we have gone in on Acceptance, Accountability, Appreciation, Assertiveness, Awe, Beauty, Candor , Caring, Certitude, Charity, Cheerfulness, Cleanliness, Commitment, Compassion, Confidence, Consideration… and Contentment as strengths of character in these days and going forward. Character matters in times of trial and triumph alike.

Imagine the strengths of accepting where you are when you are with taking full account of things past and present and owning it. Imagine the strengths of then appreciating and valuing and growing from there, asserting your best voice in doing so. Imagine the power of Awe and Beauty in experiencing the walking forward. Imagine being true to yourself and others in that walk forward, caring about what matters most and being certain of it. Imagine a spirit of giving and cheer in doing so. Imagine that walk, clean and simple and focused… committed, compassionate and confident… and considerate and thoughtful. Imagine that kind of walk at work and life. Now, imagine that whole walk, with Contentment.

Taking time to be grateful and content does not negate the need for work and the march forward. But being grateful and content can help us sustain our walk. Optimism sees “the stuff” ahead and knows we will get there. For me and my life right now, I am at that very place. There is much for which I am grateful. Yet, this time and these days have been an incredibly challenging time for me. There is more to be walked and worked towards. I am reminded this day that Contentment and Optimism are practiced, as is Gratitude… while we walk forward. The practice might be hard, but worthy.

For what of Canada are you thankful and content?

What are you drawing?

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green

aka The Unity Guy



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