As we drive “home” towards Christmas

Last February I wrote my birthday ticket for my next birthday. Last Sunday (two days ago), I wrote this as a long over due follow up.

Last night, I shared this on motivation.

This is the home stretch of 3 months … to reach the milestones set out… the last three months of that journey.

Last week, we shared on A December of Love.

Last Summer was magical. This December holds the promise. 🙂 And, over the last few days, I (Barry) personally have been sharing on a virtue a day in December. You can find all the links here in The “Right” Christmas and Holidays.

All of that is to say that this is the last Benny and Jarry Blog before Christmas and the Holidays.

We are taking a break until the New Year, with probably a Christmas and Holiday Greeting during the height of the Season, so to speak. In the meantime, we invite you to read our last few posts and blogs, and enjoy the Season. You deserve it.

Here is a thought I posted on Facebook today, going out to all concerned…

This goes out to the enduring and resilient ones… those who live their lives in the face of trials and triumphs alike… those who keep walking the walk and sharpening the blades… those who feel the pain, never denying it but always knowing they will find a way. The ones who know that real positivity is not about pretending everything is great… but knowing that they will get to great. This one goes out to the fighters… the spiritual warriors. You have my admiration and deep respect. When the swords flash, go forward…

December is a gift.

Peace, passion, prosperity, and a whole bunch of Love and Character

Benny and Jarry

Peace, passion and prosperity…



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Jenny Dearing speaks to love in action.  She brings talent, experience and learning around love, trauma and care.  With a passion for Child and Youth Care and Addictions, and a background in same, she connects, and memorably so.  Her work spans children and youth care with addictions, personal and senior care, respite work, and business leadership; delivering on all.  Jenny is a Certified Virtues Project™ Facilitator, with professional training in child and youth care with addictions support and home support services.  With certification in ASIST Suicide First Aid, Autism Awareness and Understanding, Trauma Information Care and Child and Youth Care Practice, Jenny brings it, with zeal. On top of all that, she loves singing, and is an accomplished multi-media artist … and brings both to her work.  Artistry is a path to love and healing.  Jenny knows it.  She believes in it.  She drives it.

Barry Lewis Green moves the needle on character leadership and unity building with joyful ferocity and thoughtful zeal.  Barry helps leaders forge strong, united cultures at school, work, business and community.  Joe Calloway says, “I had the distinct pleasure of being in an audience in Montreal with Barry Lewis Green on the stage. Quite simply, Barry absolutely captivated us with his talent, his message, and his heart.  The feeling of unity that Barry created in the room that day was extraordinary.”  With 39 years in education and leadership training and development … and work in the private, public and community sectors across Canada… and as a speaker, educator, master facilitator, coach, writer, singer, dancer, and cartoonist, Barry stokes the fire on together strong.