I am on a 500 day journey, leading up to my 60th birthday on February 20, 2020 (20022020).  I have been posting on same, with my latest just last week in DEEDS, WORD and L.O.V.E.  .  In it, I reference an earlier post called SNAPSHOTS and LOVE.

Within that, I share thoughts on L.O.V.E. as an action.  I specifically suggest, “… in support of my efforts I am reflecting on love and its importance.  I am considering how I approach these tasks not simply knowing that I will love the results, but seeing love as an action in getting there.  LOOK inside for my strengths… strengths of character, abilities, skills, knowledge, excellence and temperament… my best CASKET.  Seek out OPPORTUNITIES (my snapshot) where those strengths are needed.  Have a VISION of how much better the world, or my corner of it, will be when applied.  ENGAGE, and do it.”  Game on!


Within those posts… I offered my current Snapshot Vision for November 15, 2018 through February 12, 2019… 90 days. Certainly, I am quite pleased to say things are humming along and I am estimating that 95% of the vision will be complete by January 1. I am humbly excited.  Those results are happening as I practice Reliability, Steadfastness, Honor, Contentment and Endurance; my strategic 5 virtues for the journey.  You can do your own strategic 5 card spread right here. Determine an issue or goal, and go for it.

That being said, and with those 5 virtues in mind, I am finding these 90 day “bricks” to be very useful… 5 grocery list visions (if you will) that will build upon one another to reach my 20022020 vision. of:

  • It is 20022020, and I am a master and lifelong student of the global body of work around character leadership and unity building.  I have learned conversational Mandarin and French to bring that work more global.  I have also engaged a deepened level of spiritual studies and practice through The Ruhi Institute, and more.  I am living a life filled with love, song, dance, cartooning, writing, epic stories, archery, boxing and more of what and who I love.  My #bestlittledogintheworld Panda is by my side in enjoying it all.  I am teaching business leadership at College of the North Atlantic, in class and online; and doing my global work of Epic Engage™. I am loving it!  I am 110K in weight (slim for my body structure) and benching same; healthy and strong. And, I am financially ready, willing and able to support special projects in which I deeply want to invest and contribute.


All of this is to say that the system is working, and that got me thinking on some things.  Just this past Monday, I was called in for the results on some tests; tests that I have been periodically taking since my stroke in 2015.  To date, all tests have been fabulous; clean slates.  However, this one showed signals of the possible onset of diabetes.  I do not have it, but there were signs of its potential.  That galvanized me.

It got me thinking even harder on my vision.  It got me thinking about obligations and rights.  Right now, I am meditating on rights and responsibilities.  In particular, I am reflecting on Responsibility as a virtue.  I am considering not simply the practice of Responsibility but the focus.  In other words, it is not simply important to be responsible but to personally, professionally and strategically determine to what and whom I intend to be responsible.  The words of my friend Michelle Cederberg speak something to that.  I am listening.  Indeed, that was a large part of the motivation for the 20022020 Vision.  Discerning and deciding upon that to which I see myself responsible is vital.  The 20022020 Vision holds me to that focus.

It has all got me considering my career and calling… and a leaning in on the potential of social enterprise; what I call communitrepreneurship.  It has got me thinking that a new business plan is part of the 20022020 Vision and (I am thinking) due this month, heading into 2019.  It has got me considering the Global Goals and my individual and professional responsibility to help with everything from global education to food sustainability.  And, it has got me to consider all of that under the mantle of simplicity, ease and awesome… as my unofficial mentor Joe Calloway writes.

For me, as a Baha’i… I am still reminded that Baha’u’llah said, “The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds …”  and that Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.”  He also said “Rise then unto that for which you were created.”  I only offer this as these words are calling me to an ever sharper focus on my own vision and its relevance to myself and my life … and my world.  The 20022020 Vision is intended to be a simple picture in my head and heart.  Indeed, it is known to me in an instant of thought.  I see it in the blink of an eye.  Articulated, it takes words:

  • It is 20022020, and I am The Unity Guy™; student and educator around leadership grounded in character, unity, and spirit… delivering in English, Mandarin and French.  
  • I am living a life filled with love, song, dance, cartooning, writing, epic stories, archery, boxing and all of what and who I love. 
  • I am healthy and strong, and wealthy enough to do the work I choose; living as a happy and joyful man.

… but within, it is simply known.  And, within is where we take it.

THE Epic Engage

To do that, I am reminded of 9 words that are swimming around in that head and heart of mine, of late… “Everything requires everything.  To be ready, do the work.”  My greatest mentors have said that when we have a clear vision, we must needs act as if it has already happened.  We must be wholehearted.  I must remember that I am that guy, that man. that human. So:

I am Barry,  student of character, unity, and spirit, fluent in English, Mandarin and French…  living life with love, song, dance, cartooning, writing, epic stories, archery, boxing and all of what and who I love… healthy and wealthy enough to do the work I choose. I am that Simple Man.

This is my ever focusing and personal sense of vision.  If I carve it down and refine it but more, I am a Simple Man

  • a tri-lingual and global student and educator on character, unity, spirit
  • living with great love, song, dance, cartooning, writing, and epic stories
  • enjoying, archery, boxing and all of what and who I love.
  • healthy and wealthy enough to do the work I choose.

My work will continue to be born out of it; as an educator and entrepreneur.  My business plan over these next couple of weeks will truthfully and powerfully and simply reflect it.  This is a journey; more than 500 days… much more.  It is life long.

It is life long… for us all.  But we get to decide who we are.  We get to dare ourselves to be that person, even now.  But, we must go inside.  So, my questions to you are:

  • Who are you?
  • Who do you want to be?

Be that.


I dare you.

See where that takes you.

That is the Epic Engage™;  the one inside.  Indeed and in deed:

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy