This morning, I posted my LIFE/work Plan. It is born of my 39 years of studentry on the work of Richard Nelson Bolles … well as my own experience in leadership training and development through 40 years of study and practice. Years of work around business and leadership in the public, private and community sectors has provided me with ample content to discern on passion and purpose and get ever clear for my next chapter.

That clarity is grounded in knowing that for which I have been and am grateful; hence, my GRATEfitti exercise of late. Try it out for yourself. The people, places and passions for which we hold and practice Gratitude are signposts for both passion and purpose, in my experience and considered opinion. If one wants to “figure out” their passion and purpose, look at what Dick Bolles referred to as your “members”… your body, telling you. Consider what people, places and purposes have caused you to feel “right”. There, you find the signs; already within.

Of late, I have been posting on TUGtv… and Dialogue on Mental Health… and Your Best CPU… plus A Better LENS for Growth and Your Cooperative System and Finding Purpose with Some C4 and Noble Leaders Arise. All of that is to say three things. First, I humbly recommend the reads. Second, all that we know is that we have but one run through this life, and it is our best practice of Dominion that can live it.

Third, and for me, the aforementioned and noted LIFE/work Plan is a Soulfully discerned and decided vision for my own next chapter. It is born of my passion and purpose manifested in my posts and enterprise… and workand life. I am a Communitrepreneur. I have been ultimately through my career. Now, I fully own it going forward. I consistently work towards being that Leaducator as well. And, at this stage and age of life, I still see myself as an aspiring Emergent, ever realizing the Idealism of my childhood and forward. And I intend to work with same. The LIFE/work Plan owns that intention.

My thought to you is take the time to do your own inventory of signposts. Understand that they are and have been pointing you in a direction. My signposts point me to adding to my reading list. My signposts point me to the types of work, play and service I Soulfully desire and seek. My signposts point me to the types of people and projects with whom I choose to work, going forward. My signposts continue to point me to studying, practicing and playing on that which and who matters most to me. They have since childhood.

Consider your own signposts to date. Inventory them. Try your hand at that GRATEfitti exercise noted above (you only need block letters and some sharpies). Find your common themes amongst them. Then, map out your next chapter. It is your life, and career. It is not about fame nor fortune. It is about having conversation with yourself and those who know you best… and exploring your best work, play and service going forward. These are changing times, and we need Creativity more than ever, individually and collectively… to chart our best path forward. As always, wishing you…

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ― Abraham Lincoln