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Barry Lewis Green is The Unity Guy™; and he is the thunder at the center of EPIC. In fact, he is all about what he calls thunderstanding; that level of understanding that resonates deeply.

Barry Lewis Green is a speaker. More importantly, he is a teacher.

He teaches on unity, leadership, management, strategy, diversity, education and enterprise.

Barry teaches in the corporate, college and community arenas.

Barry’s core passion is around what we do and how we do it… and how we do it together.

He has spent the last 30 years developing leaders and advancing cultures of inclusion, energy, excellence and innovation.

Barry is a global voice for character, culture and diversity as strategic advantage. For him, diversity is all about difference and how it is perceived; whatever the difference. It can divide and conquer, or it can unite and strengthen; and it is our choice.

Barry believes that we all count, and we all lead.

He really is The Unity GuyTM.

For 25 years and counting, as a business educator, he has delivered on leadership and business management programs to tens of thousands of youth and adults across North America. His expertise is community and business development with emphasis on strategic leadership, organizational behaviour, and entrepreneurship.

With a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Management, he is a certified Professional Manager and a business educator at college and in the world of practice.

He is a Master Facilitator and keynoter for the Virtues Project™; a globally engaging movement for character leadership.

He is a Certified Facilitator for Personality Dimensions®, World Host® and The Ruhi Institute; and a trained practitioner in crisis intervention.

Indeed, for over 30 years he has amassed both a breadth and depth of experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors; with experience in human resource development, marketing and administration. It is indeed broad and deep, and it shows as a teacher and leader.

He speaks your language.