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The Ol’ Ticker

What ticks you off?  I mean what really ticks you off?  Is there an issue being unaddressed? A problem not being solved?  A service not being rendered?  A need not being met? An injustice not being redressed?

What ticks you off? What, when you hear talk of it, arouses a passion to do something?  Righteous anger is a powerful motive.  For all its “bad press”, the problem with our perception of anger is that it is actually not the “bad guy”.  What we do with it can be.

Think of anger like a fire alarm.  If we dwell on the alarm itself, we can go off kilter.  If we understand the alarm as a call to righteous action born of righteous anger, something purposeful and positive can and will happen.  Consider Dr. Martin Luther King, or Malala … and others who did so.

What I suggest is find your righteous anger.  Then find a righteous and character driven strategy for addressing it.  For me, personally, my most righteous anger centers on how we incredibly sell ourselves and humanity short.  We say we are “only human”.  This leads us to believe that we are not noble, not enough… and that leads to everything from injustice to bullying to greed, depression, suicide, apathy, contention, conflict and more.  It is our understanding of individual and collective nobility that will eventually and truly unite our diversity.  That is why I am The Unity Guy™.  That is why my work is all about character and its relationship to both capacity and creativity.  It is our way out… at school, work  and community… locally and globally.

So, I suggest you consider what truly ticks you off.  Then you develop a character based strategy to move forward and address it.  What service or action do you most feel driven to deliver… in business, at work, in education or community?

Consider these virtues.

What do you most want to address, and how will you most strongly and nobly address it?  Find your Ticker and do something righteous with it.  You figure that out, and you will make a lasting contribution.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

It Begins with Connection

This Writing of Baha’u’llah stirs my soul.  Yes, the earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens. There remain many who would consider this statement pie in the sky and Utopian.  I am not one.  Indeed, the work of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek spoke to the need and inevitability of a global civilization.  If we truly understand history, civilization is on its own evolutionary journey.  In the beginning, unity was of the family, then the tribe, then the village, town, city, region, nation and commonwealth.  Unity has been on an expansionary trajectory.  What were once enemies are now friends.  This is our history, despite the horrors along the way.  The necessity of this is clear.  As our understanding of the world grows, so does our connection.  It is easy to hate those we do not know.  Being of a family that worked at the Heart’s Content Cable Station through two “great” wars and a depression, I understand that separation is the breeding ground of hate and apathy alike.  As we are forced to understand our real connection, we “get it”; but it requires us to get real.

Enter the loss of one Syrian child.  It has disgusted us and is moving us.  Upon a short visit to Qatar back in March of 2013, I met three different Syrians… one, of secular and American background.  Another, an engineer.  Yet another, an entrepreneur.  All three and separate conversations remain with me; the hurt over their country torn apart… their history being destroyed.  I was so moved, feeling tears from behind my eyes; even now.  These were people, my brothers and sisters in humanity.  These were people of careers and hopes and dreams for peace, passion and prosperity.  These people were and are real.

The news often seems surreal.  As a child of 7, I remember hearing radio reports of Guerilla soldiers in Vietnam.  I imagined we were fighting gorillas.  It was the time of Planet of the Apes after all.  But, even then, as a child, I remember, upon finding out the truth, that I understood what increased knowledge could do to and for our perceptiveness.  The world is getting closer.  From economics to matters of social justice, our connection is becoming more evident.  Connection breeds empathy; it builds an empathetic civilization.

I have long said that the virtues (the strengths of character) are the one thing that truly unites us.  These qualities are our humanity.  Their absence is our inhumanity.  We are diverse in our colors, blood types, heights, weights, genders, thoughts and more.  We are united in our ability to access and practice the virtues, the highest qualities of being human.  While many might not be practicing the strengths of character; they are our collective birthright… of free access to us all, by choice.  For now… ask yourself “Which of these virtues would most help me individually to be part of the solution?”  Which ones, collectively practiced, would advance the cause of a better world… locally and globally… at work, school and community?

We have the power to be the change.  That is the core of our own work.  It is our passion and purpose.  It is who we are.  It is.  In closing, and for now, check out more.  Get connected, because, whether you realize it or not, you already are.  In this way, each of us one at a time, can change the world.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

For your listening and visual pleasure….


One Tribe



and now, go fight the good fightpeace.

The broadCAST: Your Best Labour

The broadCAST™ is a new monthly weigh in by members of The CAST™ of Epic Engage™.  Experts in their own right, members of The CAST™  are asked to answer a question of simple but possibly profound nature.  For September and heading into Labour (Labor) Day, the question was:

What is one idea you have for getting more out of your labour?


What is one idea you have for getting more out of your labour? One idea? What if there are dozens that will help me get more out of my labour?! RayActually, this is much easier than one might think at first glance. (See what I did there with ‘one’?) The answer is truly simple, but not easy. Commit to making a ONE PERCENT (1%) improvement in your labours on a WEEKLY basis. Notice I didn’t say which labour, I actually mean all of them. Why? committing to a 1% improvement in your labours is truly manageable – anybody can do it. The true power comes in the commitment to constantly improve every week by that tiny, simple, 1%. Over the course of a year, you will have increased/improved your labours by a whopping 52%! And even that is misleading; sometimes, you can’t help but make much larger improvements, thereby catapulting your improvement even higher. Yep, it’s truly simple – ONE PERCENT PER WEEK. Cheers!

Ray Hollister is all about resilience and potential. He works with organizations to reveal extraordinary resilience and unlimited potential in everyone.   His powerful presentations will not only energize and inspire you, but also reveal how YOU can make radical, immediate changes to how you perceive, handle, and experience adversity resulting in experiencing life in a new and thrilling way.


When left to my own demise I tend to work on things I enjoy and quite frequently they are not my real priorities. Writing this monthly broadCAST™ Joel-Sweeneyis a good example. Last month, I was late with my submission. The reason for this, I believe, is that I don’t schedule my activities as rigorously as I should. By blocking time in my calendar for both work and personal activities I am able to strike a healthy balance and get more things done. More importantly, I get the right things done because before I schedule them in my calendar, I prioritize them first. I get them done on time and in the right sequence. This reduces stress and generates a real sense of accomplishment. With my calendar properly setup I know, each day, what I need to put my attention and efforts to. With this simple tool, not only do I get more done, I know I have addressed my priorities.

Joel Sweeney is all about effective communications. He is a professional speaker, trainer, facilitator, personal coach and author of The Wedding MC Handbook and Little Helpings of Food for Thought with his third book, The Speaker’s Tool Box, just released in the Fall of 2014. Through his focus on communications training and his keynote speeches, Joel helps individuals and organizations maximize their potential. His messages are thought provoking, entertaining and laced with connection, humor and enthusiasm.


In terms of getting the most out of my labour, I have found a few things helpful. Getting sidetracked has been a frequent hurdle for me. As an artist, it grobbcan be critical to follow the true creative inspiration of the moment, but that sometimes leaves a trail of half finished paperwork, read (but unanswered) emails… and life piles up! One idea that has helped me get the most out of my labour is deciding what the three most important tasks are each day. And I make sure I do them before climbing into bed at night. It seems simple, but it was advice passed on to me years ago, and it really gives focus to a sometimes overwhelming workload. I get way more done as a result!!

Sheena Grobb Singer/Songwriter and Speaker… is humbly amazing. “It is without a doubt a masterpiece of songwriting and soundscape. Really incredible, soulful music. She will definitely get a huge audience in time, trust me.” Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studios. A songbird from the age of two, songwriter at ten, with 3 albums under her belt, a nomination for the Western Canadian Music Awards, and over 500 tour dates across Canada, the US, and the UK, Sheena Grobb (one of Canada’s best kept secrets) is spilling over. With the release of her newest album, The Breakless Heart, mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, and a life changing music video created by Lindsey Nelko (past choreographer with So You Think You Can Dance), Sheena is embarking on her most meaningful project yet – The Living Compassion Project™ – inviting others to “unlock their lives” through sharing their stories… as she begins to share hers.


I was all over last month’s question. However, I’m not feeling so much the connection to this months Q, only because I’m not particularly living in “the william-murraybalance” as such. The whole family has picked up from Halifax this summer and moving back to Ontario as I’ve joined the faculty at the University of Guelph, my alma mater. In the last month, we’ve left Halifax with our home on the market and nothing here in Ontario, deciding to stick together and move as a unit, landing with family on this end. In the last 10 days, we’ve sold one house, bought another house, and done everything in between. So, I’m not feeling the balance…but wait. Maybe the balance here is that we made the conscious choice to stick together and face this as a unit (2 adults, 2 kids, 2 animals…one car!).  Maybe the best labour is together.

William C. Murray is all about humanizing our business in two core ways: providing amazing service and building strong relationships. His passion for service excellence comes from years of hands-on experience in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors. William is an author, story teller, an occasional painter, and a full time teacher with over 15 years of experience. He holds a PhD in management with a focus around meaning creation, language, and sensemaking.


How To Boost Productivity By 1000% Without Working More Hours. Look, we only have so many hours in the day, but why do some people get more done than others? The answer is that people who are 10 times more productive are constantly focusing on the most important task. Forget the to do majeed square--web readylist for a second and think about how much more productive you would be if you spent at least 80% of your time working on the most important task. I bet you’d be at least ten times more productive. So, how do you know what the most important task is? Firstly, trust your intuition. Ask yourself, “what is the most important thing for me to do right now?” Chances are, the voice in your head will give you the right answer.  If you feel a little nervous about that task, that’s a good sign. Another way to find the most important task is to look at the long term value of completing the task. Will it have a lasting effect that will generate more opportunity in the future, or is it a short term result that will be irrelevant in a few weeks or months?  Think long-term maximum impact. Ok, now, before you get back to work, pause and ask yourself, what is the most important task for you to complete today. Start working on that and don’t stop until it’s done. Welcome to extreme productivity.

Majeed Mogharreban is all about entrepreneurship.  He owned and sold five successful businesses and traveled to 24 countries before he was 21 years old.  After early success in business, now his mission is to support the next generation of entrepreneurs to make a difference doing what they love. With clients ranging from the United Nations, to start-up businesses, to an Olympic gold medalist, Majeed helps you discover your strengths and your passions so that work is meaningful and fun. His book, Winning At Life, is a guide for young people to make a plan and win at life.


Due to an unexpected trip to and stay in hospital these past two weeks, this is my first blog post in such time… and I have had time to reflect.  While aBLG 2 longer post will be out in a day or so… here are my succinct thoughts, borrowed and even original.  First, as Dale Carnegie once said, “Rest before you get tired”.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  I now have earned the right to suggest “Invest in rest and you will be your best.”  Second, and in the spirit of William’s message, unity is strength and synergy and productivity.  It is not simply enough to be of helpfulness.  We must needs ask for it.  Short, hopefully sweet, and more to come.  Peace.

Barry Lewis Green is an educator.  He is a dynamic motivator.  Yes, he is a motivational speaker of substance.  He is an expert who speaks.  Barry is The Unity Guy™. EPIC Engage™ is an extension of The Unity Guy™. It is a team with a mission born of Barry’s work.  He is about epic and noble leadership and wholehearted communities at work, school and everywhere; advancing together in thought, will and action. He is about uniting diverse talent to create cultures of growth. and

Until October, enjoy September and heading into Fall.

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