Cultures that are both diverse and united lead to high performance. When you get together, you move forward to seize diversity, productivity and prosperity.



We help you do just that. Who are we? Barry Lewis Green is the heart and soul of EPIC. He is a teacher. He is a speaker, facilitator, trainer, educator, coach and consultant; and more. With a dynamic and results-oriented select team of professionals, Barry and EPIC help you advance together in thought, will and action. We help you:

  • lead with character and capacity
  • align the purpose and consistent practice of your enterprise
  • work together in powerful unity
  • leverage diversity
  • engage strategic education of talent and character

Hear from Barry himself:

EPIC is an extension of The Unity Guy™. It is a team with a purpose born of Barry’s work. At EPIC, we define community as “the sum total of voices, wisdom and talent which can be harnessed to achieve uncommon results.” and we help companies, campuses, conferences and all communities to get there. We help move your organization forward together; stronger and more prosperous.


The EPIC experience is an exciting and purpose driven roller coaster; it is content rich and a ton of fun. We offer that experience through speaking, training, facilitating, coaching, and consulting. We work with you on noble leadership, strategy driven management, the ALL IN culture, the competitive advantage of diversity, and creative education and learning cultures. We do it through a depth and breadth of content, dialogue, music, dance, cartooning, and an array of creative forums and media. We do it with fun; and a lot of it!


We serve companies, campuses, and communities alike. We work with youth and adults in powerful and equal measure; students, First Nations cultures, community agencies… the public, private and not-for-profit sectors…. yes, all. Indeed, we work with any and all individuals and organizations who “get it” or want to get it; understanding the power of united and focused diversity… of strong, healthy cultures and the strategic leadership that builds on character, culture and capacity to get results.

Difference makes the difference, and we help you make the difference.

[[may not move to the new website]] AND WE ENGAGED THE WORLD in Vancouver, December 2013

The Global Speakers Summit (GSS) Vancouver 2013 was the strategic gathering of speaking industry professionals from the Global Speakers Federation; designed to help experts navigate in a world of revolutions and upheavals affecting every business and organization whether single or multi-country focused. The event was diverse, inclusive and filled with examples of engaging leadership; and we were “all in”. From plenary and breakout sessions, to main stage, networking and discussions… to lead vocals in the band ELEVATION, we played our part. It is what EPIC is all about… engagement and the creation of passionate, powerful, prosperous communities at work, school, and beyond.

So, we are EPIC. Engage us. We will engage you.

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