Remembering Zeal

In Your Best CO, I shared last week on the importance of Certitude and Optimism. I suggest the read, and reflect. In these days and times, we need both as that “CO” in our lives and organizations … at home, school, work, business and community.

Being certain of that which matters most to us and in which we truly believe… and walking forward with that in Optimism… can serve as anchor and rudder and ballast and fuel.

That said, this week, I find myself tired; very freakin’ tired. Honestly so. And I think it was Jimmy Johnson, former coach of the Miami Hurricanes, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins who said something to the effect that being tired makes cowards of us all. So, I am thinking that, if we need and seek Courage in these times (I certainly do), we need remember some things.


In exploring Courage in the face of being tired, I am reminded this Remembrance Day, that laziness is not a thing… it is a lack of a thing. Motivation. Like darkness is the absence of light, laziness is the absence of motivation.

That lack of motivation can be born of tiredness and exhaustion and its impact on our practice of Courage. We can get to a point where we consciously or unconsciously ask ourselves, “Does it even matter?” Being aware of the impact of our weariness on our Courage and motivation is a start; a great start.

I am also reminded that motivation is more than rah-rah; a lot more. Motivation is deeper than we often imagine it. Motivation is driven by the practice and experience and manifestation of three powerful Virtues.

Indeed, motivation has three core factors… energy, direction and follow through. It requires all three. Having energy does not make one motivated. Many run around all day getting little done, not unlike spin tops going nowhere. Having energy and direction does not necessarily get things done either, if we do not follow through amidst the trials along the way. Energy, direction and follow through… born of Enthusiasm, Purposefulness, and Steadfastness… this is true motivation. But this morning, amidst my tired, I am also remembering that such three are found in…

The Deal on Zeal

Zeal has, in some circles, gotten a bad and misunderstood rap…. zealots, you know. But Zeal is that purposeful enthusiastic, determined Virtue that says “tired, be damned, we are going there, we are getting there”. It is a fiery resolve and Ardor. Am I saying that we should exhaust ourselves? Indeed and in deed … not. Dale Carnegie once said, “Rest before you get tired.” and there is Wisdom in that. Still, there are times when we must particularly practice Zeal. I have no doubt in times of battle, exhaustion and fatigue can be our greatest adversaries.

I think on my parents and that generation that lived through a Great Depression, a World War and more. Imagine such times, and length of days. This Day of Remembrance, ponder on that. Go beyond a cognitive remembrance. Try to feel what that must have been like. How does one make it through? Part of it is Sacrifice. I think Zeal is a huge part of it. Zeal, the practice of …

  • a deep sense of purpose and meaning
  • passion for what matters most, giving all we have to it
  • Perseverance and Enthusiasm
  • Joyfulness and Consideration, along the way

What does that look like for me? Keeping my eyes on the prize… and my feet on the ground…

But, it is more. It is about getting to an emotional and, dare I say, spiritual WHY. Zeal demands that dive. I am in that space this day, digging deepest yet into why any and all of what I do truly and fundamentally matters. I will let you know what I uncover. But such a dive requires Candor within.

And, Zeal is manifested in diverse ways. Along the way, we can and must rest. We can move and be still with Zeal. We can rest and reset with Zeal.

Remembrance and Zeal

I am tired. Very tired. And, I will rest. But, I will not forget those who committed their lives… and I will not forget the power that is Zeal. I will not forget its importance in defense of what is right and of character. I will not forget its importance in these times of trial and baseness. I will not forget Zeal in these days of Pandemic, Social Justice and Reset. I will remember who I am. I will remember what moves me, feet and heart. I will remember what matters most to me. I will remember the global goals, and the importance of my own and each of our roles in the betterment of the world. These are our historic times, and they require our own individual acts of remembrance and heroism. I will spend time more deeply remembering this day.

For me, and today, my best Remembrance of those who gave all… is to reflect on what that example means for me in living my life, here and now… and forward. My best Remembrance of Zeal is to consider what they had to conjure and offer up… and ask myself what must I do so in spirit, now and forward. How can and will I truly Honor the Fallen…

… by rising, with Zeal… and being the hero of my own life and story… genuinely. In movement and in stillness. And, in so doing, I now remember those words of LP Jacks…

  • “A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”

Pursuing our own vision of Excellence starts with getting so tastably clear on why it all matters. We need taste it, palpably so to find our Zeal and deal with the tiredness that comes from us not seeing it.

Going honest and true… getting courageously clear on what and who matters most. There we find mission and meaning. There we find passion and purpose. There, we remember our Zeal.

For the Fallen, we Rise.

This is how we can best deliver. Oh and, if figuring on purpose matters to you… check out this recommendation and get it.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green

aka The Unity Guy



and our MULTIVERSE of online forums and offerings

Barry Lewis Green moves the needle on character leadership and unity building with joyful ferocity and thoughtful zeal.  Barry helps leaders forge strong, united cultures at school, work, business and community.  Joe Calloway says, “I had the distinct pleasure of being in an audience in Montreal with Barry Lewis Green on the stage. Quite simply, Barry absolutely captivated us with his talent, his message, and his heart.  The feeling of unity that Barry created in the room that day was extraordinary.”  With 39 years in education and leadership training and development … and work in the private, public and community sectors across Canada… and as a speaker, educator, master facilitator, coach, writer, singer, dancer, and cartoonist,

Snow Small Change

Last week, we shared on Change Makes Change. Before that, The broadCAST, and two weeks ago; Make Change. The theme this month? Clearly, on change.

Wow, there has been alot of change around here the past week, with almost 120 centimeters of snow, including a 93 cm drop on Friday/Saturday, within 24 hours… accompanied by hurricane force winds… that many are now calling Stormageddon 2020.

A State of Emergency (SOE) has ensued, and life has changed for many. We have been digging out, ever since. College, University and schools have been closed since last Friday. St. John’s, Mount Pearl, and surrounding areas are each making their own progress on their respective SOEs.

So, it has been a week of change… forced and consciously made. With that in mind, we offer…

Jenny says…

First, please go back and read (if you have not already)… my posts in making change and The broadCAST, and last week in change requires change. Here, I continue…

I left off by saying that things were “a breath of fresh air, but at the same time kind of scary”. I then knew that things had to change. If not, the universe wouldn’t allow the positive energy that I was exuding, to come back to fuel me.

While I made these minuscule changes in my life, big differences were seen, both internally and externally. I started seeing who I was on a deeper level than I could have ever envisioned. I set plans in place. I set my standards higher. I allowed remarkable people into my life and opened my heart for the upmost beauty that life could offer me.

I started one new beginning the day that I decided to go back to school. In which I have to say, it is never too late to start something. Anything that your heart desires, you can achieve it. I stuck with it and I am now a graduate. My newest beginning is now as a graduate. I am watching myself create a new path. A path of employment. Of experiences and learning. A path of new territories and adventures. In this time, it is almost as if my new beginning into the field of Child and Youth Care with Addictions has opened other doors, with higher standards.

It has opened my heart to love like I have never experienced. It has allowed me to see all that I am as a student and all that I am capable of.

I guess my point in all of this is that I know sometimes we don’t see where the road will take us. Or even if we know how to get on said road. Sometimes the path is so unclear (not unlike the shoveling out this past week). Or maybe it is right under our noses the entire time. All I can tell you is don’t be afraid to make a change. Don’t be afraid for new beginnings. The time will come on that path of new beginnings where everything starts to click. Things fall into place and you can intensely feel and see your masterpiece unfold before your very eyes.  

I have more to say in my final installment on change (for now anyways) next week.

Barry says…

It has been quite the week. It has caused me time to not only shovel out on snow, but on life. I have reflected, and posted, on

Been busy. 🙂 All the posts follow a path of where are we going; and I suggest are worth the time to read and reflect. All that being said, I will add for now is this…

Change is not easy. It is not meant to be. It requires Courage and Commitment.

Courage. When in change, we are traveling new ground; or at least ground we have not seen in a while. It is not lost on me that toddlers, as they first learn to walk and talk, are practicing it without even knowing it. It is scary to stumble and not be understood. It requires Courage to push through.

And Commitment. It is the follow through. Commitment is doing the thing we said we would do when we felt committed, long after we no longer feel committed.

Next week, I will offer my own concluding thoughts on this topic of change, for now. In fact, I will be sharing my own (by then, well articulated) personal plan for truly conscious change in one key area of my life; health.

But change is a constant in life. Our own conscious change requires Courage and Commitment.

Peace, passion, prosperity, and a whole bunch of Love and Character

Benny and Jarry

Peace, passion and prosperity…


and our MULTIVERSE of online forums and offerings

Jenny Dearing speaks to love in action.  She brings talent, experience and learning around love, trauma and care.  With a passion for Child and Youth Care and Addictions, and a background in same, she connects, and memorably so.  Her work spans children and youth care with addictions, personal and senior care, respite work, and business leadership; delivering on all.  Jenny is a Certified Virtues Project™ Facilitator, with professional training in child and youth care with addictions support and home support services.  With certification in ASIST Suicide First Aid, Autism Awareness and Understanding, Trauma Information Care and Child and Youth Care Practice, Jenny brings it, with zeal. On top of all that, she loves singing, and is an accomplished multi-media artist … and brings both to her work.  Artistry is a path to love and healing.  Jenny knows it.  She believes in it.  She drives it.

Barry Lewis Green moves the needle on character leadership and unity building with joyful ferocity and thoughtful zeal.  Barry helps leaders forge strong, united cultures at school, work, business and community.  Joe Calloway says, “I had the distinct pleasure of being in an audience in Montreal with Barry Lewis Green on the stage. Quite simply, Barry absolutely captivated us with his talent, his message, and his heart.  The feeling of unity that Barry created in the room that day was extraordinary.”  With 39 years in education and leadership training and development … and work in the private, public and community sectors across Canada… and as a speaker, educator, master facilitator, coach, writer, singer, dancer, and cartoonist, Barry stokes the fire on together strong.

My Best Contract

Some time ago, I referenced the notion of dealing with the ducks.  So many things can grab our attention and disrupt and distract… and more… taking our eyes off the prize.  Of late, I have been experiencing the culmination of a strategic reflection over the last year or so in particular; a reflection intended to get a sharper focus on the most important path for me.  A manifestation of that culmination is found in Manifest, Oh!.  In so getting to this space of late, I have been exploring patience in posts on:

The journey has had a last minute spurring from a reading and reflection on:

I offer these up for two reasons.  First, I humbly suggest each is worth a read and reflect as stand alone.  Second, the value in my own going back on what I have written is not lost on me.  When we record, we must always remember that there is value in the review and reflect.  Record, review and reflect offer a powerful, simple process for learning.  I might suggest that record, review, reflect and re-engineer are a powerful foursome.  I guess I just did.  🙂

That being said, in Manifest, Oh!… I stated that:

A manifesto is a published declaration of the intentions and motives. Mine now goes something like this.

  • I believe in humanity and its future and I am prepared to stand for it in faith, thought, will and action. It is my best birthright. I believe it to be all of ours. I unapologetically believe in the nobility of the human spirit and choose to explore and celebrate humanity and the best and truest of heroism, humility, helpfulness and humor. Yup, there is a bunch of H factors worth hoisting and honoring. In so believing…
  • I teach business leadership at College of the North Atlantic, in class and online; and love my global work with Epic Engage™.
  • I work with noble minded and hearted leaducators, communitrepreneurs and emergents in advancing character leadership and unity building.
  • I deliver in English, Mandarin and French to bring that work to the world. 
  • I have also engaged a deepened level of spiritual studies and practice through The Ruhi Institute, and more. 
  • I am living a life filled with love, song, dance, cartooning, writing, epic stories, archery and more of what and who I love. My #bestlittledogintheworld Panda is by my side in enjoying it all. 
  • I am 110K in weight (slim for my body structure) and benching same; healthy and strong. And, I am financially ready, willing and able to support special projects in which I deeply want to invest and contribute.
  • I am loving it! All!

My 90 day strategic plans for 20022020 as referenced in 2019, Here We Come… they remain, and aligned.  Having a powerful set of 90 day plans aligned with a truly resonant vision is a powerful thing as well.  This is why I suggest some rereads of the above, on and of your own.  But, the core of this blog is truly around an a-ha for me this morning.

My Best Contract

Years ago, I discovered this prayer by Abdu’l-Bahá.  I fell in love with it, and then, after a time, took it for granted somewhat.  In saying it this morning, I realized that it is a contract between God and myself. Let me explain.

What I ask of God is this:

O God!  Refresh and gladden my spirit.  Purify my heart.  Illumine my powers. 

What I promise to God is this:

I lay all my affairs in Thy hand. 

What I expect of God is this:

Thou art my Guide and my Refuge. 

What I commit to God is this:

I will no longer be sorrowful and grieved; I will be a happy and joyful being.  O God!  I will no longer be full of anxiety, nor will I let trouble harass me.  I will not dwell on the unpleasant things of life.

What I accept from God is this:

O God!  Thou art more friend to me than I am to myself. 

What I give to God is this:

I dedicate myself to Thee, O Lord.

As a Baha’i, I see God as no “man in the sky”, but an unknowable and truly sentient force that is in ultimate control.  Maybe, the ultimate mathematician. 🙂

That being said, I have my free will, or I would not be choosing to offer up what I do in this prayer.  I could chose not to do so.  That is my right, and responsibility.

So, why is this important?  For me, I now see that the path towards my Vision 20022020 with its 90 day strategic plans, and the living of my manifesto, must needs be best guided by this contract in the form of this prayer.  As I walk resolute towards, I need to remember what I ask and what I promise.

I Ask, Expect and Request

  • I ask to have my spirit refreshed and gladdened, my heart purified of questionable motives, and my powers illumined.  I ask and expect that God be my Guide and Refuge.  I ask and recognize that God be my better friend.

I Promise

  • I promise that I will lay all my affairs in the “hand of God”.  I promise, in so doing, that I will no longer be sorrowful and grieved and that I will be a happy and joyful being.  I promise that I will no longer be full of anxiety, nor will I let trouble harass me.  I promise that I will not dwell on the unpleasant things of life.  Full of anxiety and dwelling on the unpleasant is my promise to avoid.  It does not imply that I will be free of same but that I will not dwell there.  That is significant.  I will have my moments but I will not stay there.  Most of all it means that I promise myself to my best understanding of God.

Whether this resonates for you or not, it does for me.  Whether prayer and God resonate for you or not, there is value in understanding that:

  • a powerful and resonant vision is important
  • 90 day strategic plans are very useful in getting there, and
  • a “spiritual” contract or commitment to guide the walk is advisable.

I have my vision, my plans and now my contract.  Time to up the work and business.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy





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